Tuesday, 14 October 2014

A Lite'n'Easy Experiment

My husband has gone on a trip to Vietnam for a couple of weeks - he left Sunday night.  He is really into war and military history, and an opportunity came up for him to go - it seemed like it was meant to be :)

I've never been particularly good at cooking for one.  Although I am much better these days at eating healthy, real foods, my main challenge is portion sizes.  I can eat a whole tray of roasted vegetables (so yum!), but that is probably more than I should down in one meal.

So I've decided to get back on to Lite'n'Easy for the few weeks he is away, and stick with it for at least a month.  A few years ago when I decided that I needed to change my approach to food and exercise, Lite'n'Easy was the foundation for the change.  It is an all-inclusive weekly meal plan approach that provides you with pretty much everything you need for a week of meals within a certain calorie range.

Since we got married in April, I feel like I put back on a few extra kgs than I wanted to.  As I said, I'm still eating pretty healthy, three well rounded meals a day with a couple of snacks, and a few indulgences over the weekend.  However, combined with not being able to run, I've found that I'm having a bit of trouble losing those extra kilos again.  I feel like my current diet is at a good maintenance level, but needs a bit of a tweak to promote fat loss and get back to my happy place.

In my experience, Lite'n'Easy is perfect in this situation.  Because all the food is provided, I don't have to think about food at all.  There are no choices to make (except each week when I choose my meals upfront).  For me, this takes out the temptation of having something extra.  It also reinforces for me appropriate portion sizes I should be aiming for.

I also like that the food you get from Lite'n'Easy is real.  You get a fair amount of fresh food (yoghurt, fruit, salads, eggs, nuts), frozen food which just helps it last longer (breads, bacon, etc), and the meals generally don't have scary ingredients lists - I know what most things are.

With Gareth being away, it's also super convenient and easy to make sure I'm buying and eating the right amount for one person.  I log online, and select my meals for the coming week.  Then, one morning a week (for me it's a Friday morning) a box is delivered before I go to work.  I just have to make sure I have a little milk on hand (although usually I eat breakfast and lunch at work anyway), and I'm all set.

Saying that, I am going to modify the plan slightly for my needs.
  1. I'll be doing the 1200 calorie meal plan, and ordering meals for 5 days of the week. 
  2. On weekends, I still plan to enjoy food socially, and have some flexibility to go with whatever type of food I feel like, whilst still trying to generally stay healthy.  For me, this makes the plan feel a little less restrictive, but keeps me on track for the majority of the week.
  3. If I happen to have a social meal arranged during the week, I'll just enjoy it and skip the Lite'n'Easy meal, but aim to consider the healthy option wherever I am.
  4. Each day I will also add a Yakult (I swear by them!), and on workout days I'll have a protein shake after my workout as well.  If I'm hungry I'll also consider adding an extra snack to my day.
  5. I'll still have my coffee and tea each day, but I'll be making a concerted effort to drink more water as well - I'm SO bad at this!
  6. My exercise / workouts won't be changing significantly from what they have been the past 6 weeks.  As I'm allowed to, I'll increase my run lengths slowly, but still focus on spending most of my time doing weights and workout DVDs.
Here's a sample menu from the website:

I'll share my thoughts and experiences with you as I go!  Oh, as a starting point, I took my measurements on Monday morning as a baseline, and we can see where I get to.
  • Waist 72cm
  • Hips 98cm
  • Left Thigh 61cm
  • Right Thigh 64cm
  • Left Bicep 29cm
  • Right Bicep 29cm
I'm not sure how accurately I've taken the measurements according to standards, but I'll try to consistently take them each week for the next month.

Do you have an eating focus / goal at the moment?

I have been in no way compensated, sponsored or provided with products by Lite'n'Easy.  I'm just doing this to share my experience!

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