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Lite'n'Easy Update - Week 1

Before I get into my Lite'n'Easy review, can I just say that if you do decide to do 50 minutes of skipping on one day after not skipping since you were about 7, please be aware that your calf muscles will hate you in the morning.  I think my calf muscles tightened up about 5 inches over night - at least that's what it feels like!

The meals

To remind you of my Lite'n'Easy plan, I was eating the 1200 calorie meal plan over five days.  I had the weekend off the plan.  To give you an idea of the meals I ate during the week, basically you have a breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner.  I was doing Week D of the Spring Menu.  Here are some examples


Lunches (with a piece of fruit added)


I didn't take photos of the snacks, but generally in the morning there is a piece of fruit, and in the afternoon there might be some dried fruit and nuts, yoghurt, nut bar or sometimes a baked good like a cookie or muffin.

Sticking to the plan

I had a pretty good week of sticking to the meals for the five working days.  I did have lunch at a Japanese cafe with my sister to celebrate her birthday on Friday (Yay!), but other than that I ate the meals provided. 

However, I do want to point out that each day I had a protein shake after my workout, which was generally in the morning at about 7am. I'd then eat breakfast at about 8am. I also had a Yakult with my breakfast.

The only time I struggled with hunger was in the late afternoon. I'd have my afternoon snack at about 3:30pm, but because I have been walking Angus as soon as I get home from work, I haven't been eating dinner until about 8pm. This 4.5 hour break was a bit too much, so I was having an extra snack at about 5:30pm or so as I was leaving work. I just tried to keep it healthy - a yoghurt or piece of fruit.

I'm guessing in total I was actually probably consuming about an extra 400 calories per day on top of the provided meals.  I also had a non-Lite'n'Easy food weekend, where I tried to be healthy in my choices, but didn't restrict my eating.  I'm happy with that, and it has been planned and still in line with my goals.

Feeling satisfied

I found that each meal kept me satisfied until the next, but by the next I was actually hungry.  I realised that before I wasn't feeling hungry when I ate my next meal - I'd just eat because it was time.  This made it seem to me like there was sufficient food / calories in most meals.

I did have a couple of people point out how small the meals look.  I have to agree, especially for breakfast and dinner.  But, on the other hand, it seems to be enough food to support my energy levels (although I did have a second coffee in the afternoon, which I wasn't before), which just makes me think that we are all a bit used to portion sizes that are too large for us.

I really enjoy the taste of the food!  There is the whole airplane food aspect which I find fun - lots of little packets and containers of food to play with.  But I also like that it is definitely mixed up each day and you don't eat the same things over and over again.  I also have some favourite meals which I will go back to again and again - Beef Stroganoff for dinner, ham, cheese and tomato English muffins for breakfast, and the chicken and mushroom risotto for lunch.  All YUM!!

I also had a small dessert before I went to bed, which just felt like I was able to satisfy a small sweet craving.  Most nights it was a couple of pieces of organic dark chocolate, or homemade fudge (by the way, AMAZING recipe!).

The main thing I missed was having fresh vegies and salads.  Practically it is difficult because they provide you with a whole week's worth of food upfront, and they have to try to avoid spoilage.  You do get some frozen vegies in the dinners, depending on what you choose.


MeasurementStart (cm)Week 1 (cm)Change since start (cm)
Date 13-Oct 20-Oct
Waist 72 71 -1
Hips 98 93 -5
Thigh - left 61 60 -1
Thigh - right 64 62.5 -1.5
Bicep - left 29 29 0
Bicep - right 29 29 0
Weight - -1.5kg -1.5kg

This was an interesting week results wise!  I have a feeling I may not have measured my hips correctly either at the start or this week, because a 5cm loss sounds like a lot.  Although could have been due to bloating etc.  The scales also say that I'm down 1.5kg from last week, which I'm pretty happy about, but again, my starting weight might have been influenced by my indulgent weekend last week).  I'm surprised my arms haven't changed, mostly because in the past my arms have been where I first notice a difference when I'm losing weight.  Maybe this has something to do with the NROLFW workouts!

I FEEL better - tighter and toned, and my clothes seem to fit just a tiny bit better than they were.  Early days!!

Lessons Learned - Week 1

  1. I'm getting a refreshed perspective on portion size, but being reminded of the size of a meal that I need, versus what I choose to have
  2. It has been super convenient - no thinking 'what's for dinner?', which is especially great being on my own this week
  3. I really like having a free food weekend to look forward to, and it's actually great motivation to stay on track during the week.  I found that on the weekend I didn't want to undo all the good work I'd done, so I was still pretty healthy in my choices (with the exception of a Reese's cookie cake) :)
I'm actually looking forward to this week of food!

I have been in no way compensated, sponsored or provided with products by Lite'n'Easy.  I'm just doing this to share my experience!

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