Monday, 27 October 2014

Lite’n’Easy Update – Week 2

Hi there!

Welcome to a new week!  Can I just say that starting your Monday morning with a 3 hour commute to work due to storm damage is not ideal.  That is all.

It’s time for my next update on my Lite’n’Easy progress after doing two weeks.

Week in Food Review

This was Week A of the Spring 1200 calorie meal plan, which I topped up with my daily Yakult, protein shakes and extra snack in the afternoon and evening.  Generally my snack in the afternoon has been a piece of fruit (apple or banana), and my evening snack was a piece of my Cacao fudge (that stuff lasts for ages because you only need a really small bit to feel satisfied).  I also tried to have a second drink in the evening before bed, either another mineral water with lemon juice, or sometimes a chai tea (no milk).

Some of the meals I had this week were:




Satiety this week

I generally found that I was satisfied with the meals, as long as I made the above additions to my daily intake of food.  I still enjoy the flavours of the meals and snacks.  This week I had a citrus and sultana cookie which was a nice afternoon treat, and I also enjoyed the corn chips and salsa.  I am comfortable that the amount I’m eating is sufficient for my current activity levels, however as I amp up my running (with the ok of my physio), I will have to keep an eye on this to make sure that is still the case.

Sticking to the plan

This week I found it a bit more difficult to stick to the plan.  I had a couple of breakfasts scheduled with friends so I ate out a café with them.  I just tried not to go overboard, but I did enjoy a few extra skinny cappuccinos this week which I need to factor into my weekly intake.  A couple of times I did choose to have a long black with a small amount of milk on the side, which reduces the calorie impact on my day, but still gives me the caffeine hit.

Kinfolk Breakfast for two - so good!

I also had a breakfast conference to attend on Wednesday that provided breakfast and morning tea, which I had trouble resisting!  I had a yoghurt parfait, scone and fruit there in addition to my normal eating that day.  It was yummy, but was definitely a situation where I gave into the immediate want rather than thinking about the bigger picture / plan.  At least I went with the healthy options :)

On the other hand, I actually had a pretty good weekend – I ate better than the last! I actually had Lite’n’Easy breakfasts and lunches leftover from skipping them the week before both Saturday and Sunday, and didn’t go overboard on Saturday night.  It helped that Gareth has decided that he wants to do Lite’n’Easy too for a couple of weeks after his trip – it was much easier to make the healthy choice with a co-conspirator :)

Results – Week 2

Measurement Start (cm) Week 1 (cm) Week 2 (cm) Change since start (cm)
Date 13-Oct 20-Oct 27-Oct
Waist 72 71 70 -2
Hips 98 93 92 -6
Thigh - left 61 60 59 -2
Thigh - right 64 62.5 62 -2
Bicep - left 29 29 28 -1
Bicep - right 29 29 28 -1
Weight - -1.5kg -0.2kg -1.7kg

I feel ok about the changes this week, but also not blown away.  I'm happy to start seeing a bit of movements in my measurements all over, but I guess I was maybe unrealistically hoping for more.  But saying that, we can't rush these things and in my experience a slow change sticks for longer than a fast change, so I'll take it!

These results have added extra motivation to really follow the plan, think of the big picture and avoid giving into temptation.  I’m going to stick with Lite'n'Easy for at least another couple of weeks, especially now Gareth is home and choosing to do Lite'n'Easy himself.  It just makes eating healthy so easy!  I would say that it is more expensive than buying and cooking for yourself, so that’s definitely a consideration on how long I will continue to stick with the plan.  If you are interested, here is a link to the current Lite’n’Easy prices for Victoria (different prices for different states).

What’s your food goal this week?  It doesn’t have to be anything crazy!

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