Thursday, 16 October 2014

My 10,000 Steps Day

As promised, I want to share my activities today, to show how you can move more each day, even when you are an inactive office worker. My goal: 10,000 steps!

I've used my Samsung Gear Fit to track my steps (I wear it all day every day - I'm a bit obsessed!)

My Day in Steps

6:40am - 2,841 steps taken
I got up at about 5:30am (a bit late for me), and did the Michelle Bridges Super Shredder Circuit.  This is a circuit workout, where we do a mix of weight bearing exercises and cardio.  I was a bit sore from weights training yesterday, and wanted something that would get me moving but not kill me.  Did the job!

I do my workout DVDs in my garage!

8:15am - 4,972 steps taken
After my workout I got ready at home (shower, dress, pack bag, feed Angus), drove to the train station and went to work.  I walked from my car to the train platform, and then from the train station to my work.

12:50pm - 5,772 steps taken
Obviously a quiet morning at work!  I had a teleconference and was working on a report.  Most of these steps were going to the bathroom / kitchen.

1:45pm - 9,137 steps taken
I got out for about a 50 minute walk at lunch today to do some errands.  It helped that I totally walked past the shop I was looking for, and ended up adding an extra block up and back.  All for a good cause, right? :)

5:45pm - 9,722 steps taken
Again, I had a pretty inactive work afternoon.  I was on another conference call, and working on some data analysis.  Pretty fun stuff!  Leaving work though - always a good thing.

7:00pm - 11,992 steps taken
I've arrived home,after reversing my work journey from this morning.

7:40pm - 15,557 steps taken
I took Angus for a 40 minute walk.  It was pretty cold, so we were quick!

Angus was tired after our walk.
8:30pm - 16,113 steps taken
Just normal evening activities, mostly on my butt.  Dinner, playing with Angus, blogging!

Summary - total of 16,133 steps taken today!

Today's step count was a little higher than normal with my extra long lunch time walk.  But really, it was getting out at lunch and walking Angus that really helped push up my steps for the day.  Obviously, if I was running more, my morning exercise would have helped too!

I'm pretty happy with today's efforts :)

Here are five of my tips that help me reach a 10,000 step day:

6 Tips to Increase Your Daily Steps

  1. Take the stairs or walk further whenever you have the chance.  I often park the car at the far end of the train station car park.  I also always try to make sure I walk up the stairs or escalators in the train stations, to and from work, or between office floors.
  2. Drink a lot.  How does this help?  It makes you pee a lot ... which adds a lot of steps to your day when your desk is on the opposite of the office floor :)
  3. Talk to your co-workers in person. It's pretty easy to get in the habit of picking up the phone or emailing, but walking over to have a chat to them at their desk gives you a break from being at yours!
  4. Try to get out for a walk at lunch or other break time.  Just a little wander (20 min) around the block or a browse through local shops can clear your mind, give you some much needed Vitamin D, and mean you head back to your desk refreshed.
  5. Even better, have a walking lunch date with a friend.  Get an extra boost from some quality catching up.
  6. Get a pet.  OK, I know this won't work for everyone, but I am definitely more active generally now that we have Angus.  I really like our walks, and it's a great way to mentally separate work from my home.

There is also lots of information, hints and tricks online on how to get moving if you work in an office all day.

How did you go with the 10,000 step challenge today?  What's your tip to add a bit more activity in your day?


  1. I walk daily so that's a good way to get in those steps and de-stress!

    1. It's amazing what a walk can do for your mood, isn't it :)