Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Recent (Health-related) Reads


I read A LOT.  If I'm not exercising, working, blogging or eating, I'm probably reading (actually, I read when I eat too).  Although generally my preferred reading material is fiction, I just thought I'd share a few interesting health-related articles I have read recently. They are a bit of a mixed bag, but most are related to recent posts.  I hope you find something you're interested in!

Sitting all day is really, really bad for you

 Relating to my recent post on the inactive life of an office worker, I found this article timely.  There is a great infographic with lots of interesting information about the change in activity levels over time, but also has some useful information on the positive effects of being on your feet more.  What I found particularly interesting was that even one hour of daily exercise can't compensate for the negative effects of inactivity if the rest of the day is spend sitting.  They suggest even just getting up and walking for 5 minutes every hour can do you good!  Better yet, why don't you try 5 minutes of skipping like I did?  Although you might get some strange looks from your co-workers ...

More sedentary time linked to greater risk of depression

On the same topic as the above article, results of recent research have showed that people with the highest levels of frequent sedentary activity were significantly more likely to be depressed than those with lower levels of sedentary activity.  The research looked specifically at the two most common sedentary activities: watching television and using a computer / being online.  Just another reason to get off that couch!

Lean leg exercises

This page has links to something like 60 leg exercises! If you're wanting to mix up your current leg workout, pick a couple and give them a try. I personally love the dumbbell thrusters (feel the body burn!) and step up with bicep curl - I'm totally down with the compound exercises.

20 mantras to help you feel confident

I'm a big believer in the power of your thoughts.  Although sometimes this means we listen to the mean girl inside (you're butt looks huge in that!), we can use that power to knock mean girl out, and harness positive energy.  I found this list of mantras you can use to bring back the positive power!

5 things healthy people do every day before work

Start your day right!  I'm not one who is really into meditation (I've tried it, but I get a bit bored ... which probably means I'm not doing it right), but the other suggestions definitely ring true.  I feel 100 times better if I exercise first thing in the morning - I have more energy all day, even if I get up way early (like 4:30am today!). Give even just one a try, and see if you feel any different by the end of the week.

Cut your cravings 95% with these 6 superfoods

I'm a HUGE fan of vegies, especially the green leafy kinds.  It's one thing I'm missing from my current Lite'n'Easy plan.  In this article, new research has uncovered "thylakoids," found in green plants, which are capable of making us feel fuller longer, say "no" to cravings, and even reach our weight-loss goals.  Next time you make a smoothie, add some greenery.  You won't taste it, but your body will love you for it!

Superfood spotlight: Camu Camu

Apparently, there's a new super food in town!  Camu camu is found in the Amazon rainforest, and it's full of Vitamin C (the natural kind), potassium, iron and niacin.  What does that mean?  Well, it's supposed to support the immune system, and promote energy and vitality.  In powder form it can be added to smoothies, but I'm not sure where you find it.  Have you heard of the camu camu before?

Recipe: Peanut Butter and Cacao Energy Bar

As soon as I see the ingredient 'cacao' in a recipe, I have to stop and check it out. I love a homemade energy bar, and this recipe sounds yum, and super easy!  I was thinking you could add protein powder instead of almond meal if you wanted to amp up your protein intake.  If you try it, let me know what you think!

What is your healthy lifestyle mantra?  Have you seen any useful articles or health information you would like to share?  I'd love to check it out!

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