Friday, 24 October 2014

Things To Do In Melbourne This Weekend

Happy Friday!

Before we get into today’s topic, I thought I’d share what my hair looks like when it’s not freshly blowdried by a hairdresser.  This is what my head looks like 90% of the time (the other 10% my hair is tied back to work out, although the slightly shorter hair cut makes this a bit of a challenge and involves many bobby pins):

PS do you like my salsa red nails?  I’m digging this new colour!

My husband is coming home from his trip early on Saturday morning, which is wonderful!  Angus and I are super excited.  But because I’m not sure how he is going to feel, and what he might want to do, we haven’t really made any plans for this weekend.  I thought I’d share some of the options in and around Melbourne with you, just in case you happen to be in my nick of the woods.

A picture of the Yarra River I took a couple of days ago!

Take on the Garage Sale Trail

This Saturday is garage sale day all around Australia!  If you are in the hunt for a bargain or some cool vintage stuff, you can go to The Dock outside Library at The Dock in Docklands, and Boyd Community Hub in Southbank, or check out the website for other locations.

Visit the Melbourne Zoo

I love the Melbourne Zoo.  We were even members for a few years, so we could go whenever we wanted, and support the cause.  I really enjoy spending a day wandering through the zoo grounds.  If it's a really hot day it may not be the best, but you should be safe at this time of year(but still wear sunscreen!).  Oh, and take some healthy snacks with you - it can be a bit pricey for food.  An Asian elephant male calf was born last year, called Man Jai, and I want to catch a glimpse!  Oh, but I have to promise Gareth not to take him near any spiders :)

Mamasita for dinner

We went to Mamasita a few weeks ago, and it’s become my favourite restaurant in the Melbourne CBD.  Go check it out for dinner or even just a couple of margaritas!

Start your day with a fun run!

On Sunday morning there is a fun run and walk around the Botanical Gardens (or The Tan) called Great Strides which raises awareness and funds for cystic fibrosis organisations around Australia.  You can do one lap (4km) or 2 laps (8km) events, and the Tan is a beautiful running track.  Get your butt moving for a good cause!

Queen Victoria Market


If it’s a nice morning, you could go and visit Queen Vic Market.  It’s a huge fresh produce and local products market.  They have an amazing range of cheap and fresh meats, seafood, fruit, vegetables, as well as an amazing deli section of breads, cured meats and cheeses.  But much much more!  You can also stroll through the market stalls of tshirts, cactus plants, ugg boots, soaps, phone accessories and Aussie souvenirs to find a bargain.

Check out the Melbourne Festival

Melbourne celebrates all things arts and culture in this week long festival.  There are a huge range of events and performances all over the city, many being free.

Melbourne Festival is quintessentially Melbourne: physically by reaching out into the topography and geography of the city itself; artistically by presenting Melbourne's finest artists in new works and collaborations; and demographically by engaging with as many people in Melbourne as possible, giving them ownership of their international festival.

Start at Federation Square, head down to the Yarra river to visit the Foxtel Festival Hub, or go to the Melbourne Festival website to find something in particular.

What have you got planned for this weekend?  What's your favourite weekend activity in your home town?

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