Tuesday, 7 October 2014

What a runner does when they can't run

As I've mentioned, in the last year or two I've really started to enjoy running.  Now, I wouldn't have ever said I was a runner until recently.  When I was younger, I used to play sports - netball and tennis mainly.  I was a decent junior player in each sport, however I was only really 'fit' because I trained a lot.  I didn't really make fitness a priority, and I even tried to avoid some stuff like long runs and speed sessions (I mean, I was a kid / teenager after all!).

After sporadic attempts during my 20s of 'getting fit', one day I went from a walk to a jog, then a jog to a faster jog ... and I kept doing it over and over again!  And then I realised, I enjoyed running, and the runner in me was born.

And then I ran too much.

A couple of months ago I was having knee pain, and was diagnosed with the stereotypical albeit painful 'runner's knee'.  And I had to stop and think about what I would do now that I wasn't allowed to run (if I wanted to run in the future, that is).

I happened to have been catching up on Meals and Miles blog and was reading the blog posts when she was going through her New Rules of Lifting for Women phase.  When I checked the program out, I realised that I could do most of it with my physio's approval.  I liked that the program structure was provided (you are given 7 different workout phases with different exercise routines in each) that I could follow for the next 6 months, and see where it takes me.

So far I've been doing the workouts for about 3 or 4 weeks, and I'm just starting to find the right weights for my exercises - weight that pushes me, but that I'm capable of lifting for the set duration.  I'll give a more substantial review when I've finished the first phase.

For those of you who know the program, I'm not following the provided nutritional guidelines.  Although I'd like to tone up a few areas in the next couple of months, I want to also see how far I've come with my general approach to eating real food.  But I'm open to changing things around if I'm not seeing the results I expect / want.

Just for completeness, I also do some workout DVDs to mix up my week of exercise.  Some of my favourites are:

Oh, and I've been having lots of fun walking Angus most days too!

Tired Angus after his walk!

I've just been given the OK to run about 10min a day again, so I've got my fingers crossed that I can keep it going!

Have you ever had to rethink your exercise routine?  What was your substitute exercise?

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