Wednesday, 19 November 2014

9 Recent Eye-Catching Articles

I have used this blog to provide me with an excuse to do health related research.  Ie  buy lots of magazines and read a bunch of articles in my Facebook news feed.  Here are a few that have caught my eye recently, that I also thought some of you might find interesting.  If not, I’m sorry – I’ll be back tomorrow with another post that hopefully isn’t as boring for you (the pressure’s on now!)


Stronger knees in 3 easy moves

As you know, I had a knee injury a few months ago that I’m still slowly coming back from.  I’m really really conscious of not rushing back into my normal workouts and mileage, and I also want to try to strengthen my quads, hamstrings and glutes so I can hopefully avoid this injury again.  This article has three easy leg exercises which do just that.  I’m giving them a try, cos every little bit helps.

In the Long Run

Although I’m still working back to doing long runs (I’m currently at about 10km and increasing slowly), this article has some great information about some of the best things to do before, during and after your long run to get the most benefit and success out of it.  This article reminded me that I had gotten out of the habit of rehudrating straight after a run, so that is my focus for now!

12 Rules for Making Better Habits

I’m trying to replace some of my unhealthy eating habits with new ones, and this article was timely! It is short and sweet, but basically has a few things that can help remind us about why and how we are choosing to start new habits, and a few of these I have added to my pack of motivational quotes to help me through this process.

The 5 phases of How to Quit Sugar For Good

Although I’ve pretty much taken processed sugar out of my every day diet, this article was a good reminder of just where simple sugars can be found, and the little things you can do to avoid them.  Whether you’re just starting a sugar free existence, or even just trying to start with some small changes, this is one to keep in your back pocket.

Too Busy to Eat Healthy? 9 Foods to Keep in Your Kitchen

As I’m restocking my kitchen with staples, this was a really useful article to stumble across.  I’m not a fan of pate (I’d probably substitute this one with salsa), but it did make me think about having some supplies for smoothies on hand for a quick breakfast or snack.

Quality Quinoa: 13 easy, healthy recipes

I LOVE LOVE LOVE quinoa – it is so easy to prepare, and is so good for you.  But I was finding I was doing the same boring quinoa salad recipe, and I needed some new ideas – especially now that I’ve broken up with Lite’n’Easy.  First on my list to try: Quinoa with Latin flavours.

Healthy chocolate balls with cacao

A cacao recipe that will take about 10 minutes.  Enough said.

A Beginner's Guide to Clean Eating

This article really got back to basics about some simple ways to try to eat clean.  I really like trying to get colour on your plate.  I've noticed that I now associate a lack of variety of colour on my plate with a lack of fresh food in what I'm about to eat.  It's not always true, but it's a good check point.

Gibson’s Daily Running Quotes

This isn’t an article per se, but I stumbled on to this page just when I needed a bit of inspiration about why I’m putting in all this effort to get back to running.  I’ve signed up to receive a daily running quote (and liked the Facebook page), and so far, each quote I’ve seen has had something I can take away from it.

Have you seen any interesting articles lately? Share with us!

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