Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Change It Up Tuesday: the Last of the Derailers

Today is Remembrance Day: Lest We Forget

On Sunday night, you might remember we were going to try some Lilydale Mini Chicken roasts we had found in the supermarket for dinner. I just want to STOP you all before you copy me (because you're sure to).

These were not good.  I think I ate maybe a quarter of the individual serving.  I felt like there was a huge amount of fat and skin wrapped around and within the meat, and ever since I choked on chicken skin as a kid and almost vomited, I can't stomach it.  We also followed the cooking instructions, but the chicken wasn't cooked through, so some was raw and I didn't want to eat it.  The stuffing was actually ok (quinoa, date and rosemary), but not enough to redeem the dish.  I made Gareth promise to not let me get sucked in next time I think a chicken roast roll is a good idea.

After that public service announcement, I’m moving on.

I'm going to wrap up my Derailers this week, but there are a few here that I can definitely say have derailed me personally.  As you have probably seen in the first and second posts on this topic, a common theme in trying to minimise the impact of derailers is to be prepared and have a back up plan.  It’s not infallible, but it can make it easier to stay on track.

7. Rewarding yourself for a huge effort

You just finalised that big project at work, got the promotion you’ve been after, or finished painting the house.  You are ready to PAR-TAY.  The thing that first comes to mind is to call a few friends, pick up some wine, and order a bunch of pizzas. Or maybe just meet at the pub and figure it out from there.

Advice: So much of the way we reward ourselves and celebrate is associated with food.  When I think about the wonderful times I’ve had with family and friends, they often have revolved around eating and drinking amazing food.  But next time, maybe think of some other way you could celebrate your achievement or event.  After spending all your extra hours at work on the project, why don’t you take your partner and pet to the local park for the afternoon.  Getting some fresh air might just be what the doctor ordered.  After spending all weekend painting the house, a massage might help loose those muscles you didn’t even know you had.  And that extra cash you get from getting promoted? Why don’t you buy yourself a new workout outfit – that really cool one that makes you feel like you can kick some serious butt and look fabulous doing it.

And that glass of wine – well, they say that a glass a day can be good for you, don’t they?

8. Getting bored with your ‘usual’

Whether we are talking about your usual food or workout routine, boredom does us no favours.  You can lose motivation to make going to the gym a priority when you think about spending another hour on the treadmill.   Or maybe you are just over green salads.   You know that both are good for you … but do you really have to go there again??

Advice:  We all get bored when we do the same same over and over again.  There can be a fine line between a well-honed routine, and drudgery.  When you start to feel like you’d rather get a filling in your back tooth than  pull on your runners, it’s time to add something new into your life.  I don't mean a man ... well, unless he is a PT. There are heaps of fitness classes out there that you can try – Crossfit, barre, pump, pilates or spin, just to name some of the standard ones.  Often if you go to a new fitness centre they will let you try a class the first time for free, so find somewhere local and try something new!   Or why don’t you spend 20 minutes dancing with your kids to the songs you listened to as a teenager.  You get a great workout, and a bonding experience all in one.

The internet has a huge range of recipes for every food, meal, allergen and cuisine.  Try a few recipe search engines like Taste and All Recipes.  Or you can even just enter a few ingredients and add ‘recipe’ at the end into a Google search, and you will find something new you can try.  Once you find a website or blog that you like the sound of, maybe aim to try a new recipe from there every couple of weeks.  Before you know it, you’ll have a whole new foodie repertoire to be inspired by!  And to make your friends and colleagues drool over.

9. Being busy

It is a fact of life that we are all busy.  And we just keep getting busier.  Whether your life includes kids or not, most hours of your day will feel like they are accounted for, and then some.  Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that we have to sleep occasionally.  Your health can be the area that suffers, not only directly, but also indirectly through stress.  How can we possibly add more into our daily lives??

Advice: There is no one answer for everyone.  It really depends on your work, family and community commitments.  However, if you truly decide that your health is worth prioritising, you will find a way.  And really, what is a better investment in your family and life then making sure you are healthy enough to stick around for many years to come?

You will have to make it happen – your time won’t just magically free up like Moses parted the red sea.  Some people get up extra early to fit their run in.  Me, I get up at 4:45am to knock off my workout before the day gets crazy.  For others, it is actually going to be finding things you can do during the day to make yourself more active – taking the stairs at work, walking to the train station, or taking the dog for a walk.  It also really helps to book your workout into your day like you would any other appointment you intend to keep.  Lock it in to your diary, let others know, and keep the promise to yourself to be healthy.

Let’s be honest, making dinner takes more effort than buying takeaway, especially once you add in meal planning, grocery shopping and food prep.  But even for single people, it can be a good use of your time to make a few bulk meals that have plenty of leftovers you can freeze for later meals or take leftovers to work for lunch. I know these are pretty basic, and you’ve probably heard them before, but I promise – if you haven’t tried them, just give them a go.  It will make your life easier and save you some cash money.

How do you fit exercise and healthy eating into your life?   What’s your tip for someone who’s struggling?

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