Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Change It Up Tuesday: More Derailers

Last week I put up some of my thoughts on how to overcome the types of things in our lives that put us off track on our healthy eating journey.  Based on some of the feedback I received, I thought I might add a few more to the list.

Please let me know your derailers and how you overcome them!  I'd be very happy to share your experience with other readers.  Sharing is caring people :)

4. Old (Bad) Habits That Haunt You

It's not me ... but it might as well be! (Source)

One of my bad habits is that I want to eat on the train on the way home from work.  There are a few places at the station where I can grab a bite or a snack (even a healthy one) to nibble on during my commute.  But I’m usually not hungry, it’s just a bad habit associated with my journey home that I’ve had a real problem breaking. Your habit might be grazing the fridge, mindlessly nibbling when watching tv or on the computer, or having dessert every night.

Advice:  What’s been helping me the last few weeks to avoid my daily commute snacking is to have a planned snack in the last 15 or 20  minutes at work, before leaving for the day.  That way, I know I definitely don’t need food on my way home, but it also fits within my healthy eating approach and daily eating plan.  Generally having a healthy alternative to your bad habit can help you break it.  Have a hot cup of tea while you chill in front of the tv or catch up on Facebook.  Have some fruit dedicated to being eaten after dinner.  Or you could put food on to a plate and sit at the table to eat when you are hungry. Predict your bad habit occurring, and do something to prevent it mindlessly controlling you.

5. Moving House


You’ve moved to a new neighbourhood, after spending the last week packing until the wee hours, changing utilities providers and hiring a moving company.  It’s been enough to tear your hair out!  And here you don’t know where the local gym is, you don’t live close to your family any more, and you’re not sure where to get the best fruit and vegies.  Oh, and you still have to unpack!

Advice:  Moving is stressful, and forces you to change all your normal routines.  But think of it as a great opportunity to start fresh and make some healthy new ways of supporting your healthy lifestyle.  Take the time to organise your new place in a way that feels comfortable and practical.  You might even have a little bit of space for that yoga / meditation nook you’ve always wanted!  Visit your local government website to find out where the nearest parks are to your house.  You can do some outdoor bootcamps until you find your new gym – by using the gyms’ free trial offers, of course.  And just drive around your neighbourhood to check out the local shops – you might even find a little convenience store within walking distance that has a great selection of healthy foods.

6. Winter

It’s cold, it’s dark and you get to wear lots of warm layers.  Your couch and blanket looks so much more appealing then going to the gym.  No one is really going to notice that you have missed a few workouts, and you’ve added a daily hot chocolate to your evening agenda.

Advice:  Winter is a great chance to get into shape and form some really great habits to taken into the spring.  We all love comfort food to warm us up when it’s cold out.  Reach into the back of your cupboard to break out your slow cooker for the season.  You’ll find lots of super easy and wholesome meal ideas online (like these!), and probably have lots of healthy leftovers for later in the week.  Oh, and that extra time you don’t need to spend cooking?  You can definitely do some weight-bearing exercises (like planks, lunges, pushups and tricep dips) on your lounge room floor to tighten and tone, ready for bikini season - hell, ready for ANYTHING.  You don’t even have to get out of your tracksuit pants and ugg boots.

What's the one thing that can stop you working out or being healthy? 

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