Sunday, 2 November 2014

How I Love Weekends

My weekend was very standard, but that is what makes it great.  I had my boys with me, and we got back into our routine.  A girl can't complain at all!

Friday night ....

Friday night I picked up Mad Mex on the way home.  I had a Chicken Quesadilla (with all the trimmings - avocado, salsa, tomatoes and sour cream) and Gareth has his favourite a Pulled Pork Burrito.  We both had whole wheat tortillas, and went hard on the vegies.  Gotta love an easy Friday night meal.

We didn't get any trick-or-treaters!  Well, actually, there may have been one, but when the door bell rang we realised we didn't have any good chocolate or lollies to share, so we kind of pretended we weren't home.  Maybe that's why we don't get trick-or-treaters ...  I did find out from Gareth that when he was a kid they used to get given peanuts in shells.  I'm afraid we didn't have any of those in the house either.

Saturday ...

Saturday I took a rest day because I realised I had done exercise for the last 12 days straight.  We did go on our family dog walk around the area, which is also a great way to start the weekend.

Gareth and I then hit up the Queen Victoria Market!  We haven't been there in ages, and although the weather wasn't exactly ideal (it was really blustery winds and rain showers) we still had a good time!

First, we checked out the food court and got us some lunch.  Chinese beef and black bean, chili chicken and rice for Gareth, and a chicken and avocado roti and coffee for me.

Then we wandered the general stalls and I got some soap - I love market soap!  We also looked at phone covers and general memorabilia.

Then it was time to stock up on fruit and vegies!  Although I'm still doing Lite'n'Easy this week, Gareth has decided to go back to normal eating (more on that in a couple of days), so we got lettuce, kale, apples, bananas, strawberries, mango, tomatoes, asparagus, and cucumber.

Then we headed into the meat and seafood section - so much choice!

We got chicken breasts, kebabs, tuna, salmon, pork mince and Moroccan lamb burgers.  Oh, and a couple of pork necks for Angus (gross, but he loves them).

Oh, and I got a spinach and parmesan dip and turkish pide - they looked so good I couldn't resist.

We did a quick trip to the normal grocery store on the way home, and we were fully stocked.

Oh, I also signed us up for ADSL with Telstra!  My Dad has worked for Telstra all my life, so I'm always going to be a Tesltra girl.  Our current Wireless internet plan just hasn't been cutting it with all my blogging, so fingers crossed there are enough local ports for us to get the ADSL installed!

After washing and painting my nails, we decided Thai takeaway was on the cards.  I picked up a vegetable red curry, chicken and cashews, rice, prawn crackers and peanut satay sauce, with golden bags as entrees.  I was pretty proud of myself for eating just the amount I wanted and not overdoing it.  Gareth may have had half a bowl too much :)

My motivation: dessert!  I had one of my left over peanut butter cookie cake slices and home made vanilla and choc chip icecream while we watched Rocky III.  I'm on a Rocky roll!  And there were a couple of glasses of wine consumed also (that's really a given).

Sunday ...

Sunday morning started bright and early with a 10km run at the gym.  I LOVED IT.  Although I probably should have waited another week, I was itching for a decent run, so I took it slow, and I was really careful to keep tabs on my knee the whole time.  But it felt great!  And I felt fabulous afterwards.

I have also given myself a little challenge, so I did a little test to see how I'm tracking:

Exercise 2/11/2014 Goal
Full push ups 20 50
Plank holds 2min 5min
Wall sits 1min 30sec 5min

I'm going to test myself every month, but I'm excited to see how I progress!

I made it home in time from the gym to catch up to my boys going for their morning walk - yay!  After a quick stroll around the neighbourhood, I made my signature bagel with cream cheese, avocado, tomato and eggs.  SO. GOOD.

I spent much of the afternoon blogging, painting my nails, and reading my current book obsession: Open by Andre Agassi.  I played a lot of tennis as a junior, so I'm finding this a really great read.


We may have teased Angus at some point by putting his toy up on a door handle ... he was a bit confused!

Hope you have a great Sunday / Sunday night!

What was your favourite part of your weekend?  What do you and your family have as part of your weekend routine?

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