Sunday, 16 November 2014

It's a Wrap! The Weekend, That Is

On Friday night I got out of work a bit late, so I picked up some Mexican from Mad Mex on the way home.  This time I copied Gareth and had a pulled pork burrito with hot sauce.  It was good!  Whenever I eat Mexican I feel like I have some of all the food groups, it feels like a really well rounded meal.  It can just be hard not to go overboard!



Because I’d gotten stuck at work late on Friday night, I hadn’t done my planned run for the day.  So Saturday I was up nice and early to hit the gym and get in a weights workout, and a 10.5km run.  I was pretty wiped afterwards, but in a good way :) I got home just in time to change and catch up to Gareth and Angus on their neighbourhood walk.  It’s one of the best times for Gareth and I to catch up with each other.  And as a bonus Angus always seems happier when we are together as a family :)

Old picture, still yum!
After we cleaned up and I had some of my favourite porridge for breakfast (I have been craving it lately!), we headed out to look at cars.  We are in the market for a second work car for Gareth.  Nothing amazing – second hand, decently looked after and a van or station wagon for him to use to get around for work.  We just wanted to get for what might be a good car for our purpose, and how much we are looking at having to pay.  We avoided car salesmen, and managed to wander through a few car yards.  We realised we’d probably have to go to more commercially oriented caryards for a work car.  Oh well, at least we looked!

We then hit up our local café Corinthians for lunch.  After my morning workout I was pretty hungry, so I got the Vegie breakfast with avocado, and I gave my mushrooms to Gareth.  I didn’t end up eating it all though – I left the potato rostis and one of the slices of bread.  Oh, and I also had an obligatory skinny cappuccino :)

Oh, and there was a sign that I loved ... it's like they read my mind!

Following in the vein of work related errands, we also went to Ray’s Outdoors for tradie’s work pants for Gareth.  I had a look around the store for potentially Christmas presents for others as well as me.  They had some nice outdoor gear!  If I was a regular hiker it might have been worth buying :P

JB Hifi is just around the corner, which meant we had an obligatory browse.  I was actually checking out accounting software and SD cards, but Gareth found a tv series he wanted to watch because its filmed in his homeland :)  I love that the Irish will never be lost from my Irishman!

Our afternoon at home revolved around washing, grocery deliveries and some more washing.  I noticed that a couple of times during the day I felt a bit odd, like I had a lack of energy.  After having some pineapple and mineral water, I realised it was probably because I was thirsty, not hungry!  I guess I hadn’t rehydrated enough after my workout, so I made sure I had a few glasses of mineral water throughout the rest of the day.  I’m not very good at recognising my thirst, so I’ll have to remember this!

Saturday night was Indian food, wine and Gattaca.  We used the Delivery Hero app for ordering our meal.  Being antisocial, it allows us to interact with a restaurant without even talking to someone.  Except for the ‘thanks’ when the delivery guy knocks on the door.  We’ve had pretty good experiences so far.  The only problem is that the app doesn’t tell you how long delivery is expected to take until after you’ve submitted your order.  But if you’re in no hurry, you can take the risk.  Last night the food actually came within about 40 minutes, even though they said it would be an hour.  Win!

Have you watched Gattaca? I bought the movie a few weeks ago, because I really liked it when it first came out, and when I saw it in the store I really wanted to watch it again to see if it was as good as I remembered.  And it was!  Although I will admit I have pretty low standards when it comes to movie watching.  But I enjoyed it, and Gareth actually managed to stay awake for the whole thing – we even watched some of Avatar on tv afterwards.  We are so hardcore we were in bed by 11pm.  Rock on.


I was up again pretty early on Sunday to get in another run, and make sure I’d completed all my planned workouts for the week.  This week I’ve been a bit hit or miss, mostly because I’ve had to choose between Gareth dropping me off at the station in the morning, which means skipping my morning workout and going at night instead, or being finished at the gym by 6am and then having to walk 30min to the station in the morning.  I don’t mind the length of the walk, I’m just struggling to add an extra 30min to my morning routine!  Anyway, I did a 10km run to tick of a full week of workouts, so I’m happy.

I’m making a beef and black bean chili in the slow cooker for dinner tonight using this recipe, so I did a bit of prep for that after my breakfast and morning clean up routine.  I LOVE black beans, but you can’t find them too many places in Melbourne.  I was lucky to find some at my local health store, so I’m hoping this chili will be worth using them!  I used a recipe I found online.  I’ll let you know how it turns out!

 After getting the chili bubbling away, I headed out to the local shopping centre to get my blogging on.  I couldn’t log into the free wifi – major speed bump in my blogging plans!   So instead I had some sushi and a green juice for lunch while I wait.  Hopefully I can get online, then the rest of my day will include blogging, a rlaxing bath, chili for dinner and early bed. Hopefully!

Hope you had a lovely weekend, and are ready for a new week!  Only a bit over six weeks until Christmas!  I should really start planning for that, especially because before we get there, I have my sister’s ‘non-hen’s’ party, her wedding, and my mother-in-law is arriving to stay for awhile.  All great things!  But they have put Christmas on the backburner until now.  Time to get on it.

What’s one of your favourite movies you would like to rewatch? Have you started getting ready for Christmas?? I am already feeling behind!

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