Monday, 3 November 2014

Lite'n'Easy Update - Week 3

Firstly, for all of the New York City Marathon runners, congratulations!  I hope you had a good run and enjoyed the moment!  I would love to run that race, but there are a few hurdles first, like, I don't know, running 26.2 miles.  And being on the other side of the world.  All possible!  It might just take me awhile yet.

So I'm three weeks into my Lite'n'Easy journey, and probably the biggest change is that my body is again used to eating smaller amounts.  When I eat a lot of food in a single sitting, I feel pretty bad afterwards. I think this is a good thing!  But if you want  little more detail:

Meals this week

Nothing too new or exciting with the meals this week, but I am still enjoying them.  I did try a couple of new to me options: Japanese beef and rice was a yummy lunch, and I remembered that I always like their simple Fruit Bran and toast breakfast.


Fruit & Bran Cereal and Toast with Plum jam
Ham, cheese and tomato on muffin
Ham and egg on muffin


Chicken and Broccoli pasta and Fruit Cup
Hamburger and Apple
Japanese beef and rice and orange
Moroccan chicken salad and orange


Beef stroganoff
Shepherd's Pie
Thai Red Chicken Curry and Rice

Staying Satisfied

I think I'm starting to find a balance between my activity levels and my food intake.  I like the sizes of the meals, and my body is preferring eating little but often.  I do have to be more responsive to my hunger - if I leave it too long before eating, I getting pretty low in energy, and as we saw, can give in to cravings.

Although in theory I could replicate the size of the meals, I am still really valuing the convenience of having everything delivered to me ready to eat. After a big week at work, exercise and blogging, not having to think too much about food feels like I'm getting some time back into my week.

Week 3 Results

Measurement   Start (cm) Week 1 (cm) Week 2 (cm) Week 3 (cm) Change since start (cm)
Date   13-Oct 20-Oct 27-Oct 3-Nov
Waist     72 71 70 69.5 -2.5
Hips     98 93 92 91.5 -6.5
Thigh - left   61 60 59 58.5 -2.5
Thigh - right   64 62.5 62 61.5 -2.5
Bicep - left   29 29 28 27 -2
Bicep - right   29 29 28 27 -2
Weight   - -1.5kg -0.2kg 0kg -1.7kg

After the week I had I wasn't expecting much, so although my weight hasn't changed, I'm pleasantly surprised that my measurements are still dropping.  My goal is to have a full good week next week! Get my mind back on track, stick to the plan, and think moderation at other times.

Thoughts About This Week

As you may remember, I had a bit of a binge eating session one night this week.  I let myself get too hungry before eating lunch, which actually just lead to a blow out day.

I have to say that although I would have preferred not doing that, it was actually a good way of reminding myself WHY I am choosing to eating more real food, cut out the sugar and keep my portion sizes real.  Eating a lot of crap made me feel, well, crap.  And I hope that I remember that next time I'm tempted!

Other than that, I'm probably just really trying to find a balance between being controlled during the week, and not ruining all my hard work on the weekend.  In the end, I think this comes down to eating in moderation.  Not denying myself what I want (Mexican, Thai, or dessert), but only eating enough to enjoy and feel satisfied.

Gareth Update

So last week I said that Gareth was trying to do the full 7 day 1500 calorie eating plan too.  Although he enjoyed the food, liked the size and frequency of the meals, and got the hang of the plane food type approach of piecing together all the bits, he's decided to not go any further.  The main consideration is really the cost.  $150 a week isn't cheap, and at the moment with his work situation, he actually has the time to make the food himself, and do it cheaper.

He is going to take away a few things, particularly the eating little but frequently approach, and also varying up his breakfast and lunches - he really enjoyed the ham, cheese and tomato muffins, and having eggs now and then for breakfast.

He is still open to just buying some of the lunches or dinners themselves to have in the freezer for when convenience is important.  Especially given he is going to be cooking for one for a bit longer!

What is a recent 'a-ha' moment you've had about food?  Why was it important for you?


  1. I struggle with balancing my food intake with my activity level sometimes too. Often the days after hard workouts are when I am the most hungry!

    1. That is so true Lauren! I guess we can only listen to our body, and make sure we are giving it what is needed to recover from your workout, ready for the next one :)