Monday, 10 November 2014

Lite'n'Easy Update - Week 4

Another week, more Lite'n'Easy.  Do I sounds a bit ... uninspired?  Well, that's because I think I've decided Lite'n'Easy isn't really doing it for me any more.  I'll go through the nuts and bolts of last week, and then talk about why in another post.

The meals

I found myself straying from the meals this week.  I probably had 5 or 6 meals where I chose not to have Lite'n'Easy.  Some of the ones I did have are shown below.


Cereal, coffee and yakult - I already at the toast!
Omelette with ham, tomato and spring onion
Cereal and toast with plum jam


Meatballs with coleslaw and fruit
Chicken pasta and fruit
* I also had a really yummy meatball sub ... not sure what happened to that photo!


Fettucine provincale

My satisfaction

This week I found that I really just wanted to eat other things.  Not necessarily unhealthy food, but I just wanted the option of having something other than what was listed on my pre-planned meal menu. I did have a public holiday in the middle of the week where Gareth and I went out for lunch (and generally I treated more like a weekend day), but there were other meals where I choose to eat something else - like left over home made pork spaghetti that Gareth made for dinner, or porridge at Kinfolk for breakfast.

Homemade pork spaghetti - thanks babe!
Quinoa porridge and coffee from Kinfolk
So although I had no concerns or issues with the Lite'n'Easy meals I did eat, I just wanted something else some of the time.

The Results

Measurement Start (cm) Week 1 (cm) Week 2 (cm) Week 3 (cm) Week 4 (cm) Change since start (cm)
Date 13-Oct 20-Oct 27-Oct 3-Nov 11-Nov
Waist 72 71 70 69.5 69 -3
Hips 98 93 92 91.5 90 -8
Thigh - left 61 60 59 58.5 58.5 -2.5
Thigh - right 64 62.5 62 61.5 61 -3
Bicep - left 29 29 28 27 27 -2
Bicep - right 29 29 28 27 27 -2
Weight - -1.5kg -0.2kg 0kg +0.4kg -1.3kg

As you can see, this week I still had some movement in my measurements, but I put on almost half a kilo.  I'm not surprised because I think I was eating more food, and so my body was a bit heavier with food weight.  The other option is that I've put on a little bit of muscle, which I'm also happy with :P


This week, instead of struggling to stick to a meal plan that I wasn't particularly interested in, I chose to eat other foods when I desired.  And to be honest, I think I was more satisfied as a result.  I still appreciate the convenience of having meals there for you that you can prepare quickly and not have to organise, but maybe not all the time.

I think this is more a reflection on my view of food, rather than Lite'n'Easy as a product.  I've decided that this coming week is going to be my last full Lite'n'Easy week - mostly because I had already ordered the food before I 100% made this decision.  I'll give you a full run down of why I've decided this later in the week.

What is one of your quick and easy go to meals? Please share - I would love some new ideas!

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