Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Our Day Off and November workout plans

Yesterday was a public holiday in Melbourne for the Melbourne Cup YAY!  Did you back a winner?

Instead of having anything to do with horses, Gareth and I went and saw Fury, a Brad Pitt World War II movie.  It was pretty good, with Brad Pitt being a bit badder than normal, but it also depicted the emotional effects on soldiers who were fighting for years.  Sometimes it wasn't pretty, but I think they were trying to show that it was a matter of survival.

I also had some good eats!  I went to Sumo Salad for a three salad combo - Moroccan chickpea, Asian greens and Chicken and Avocado.  It was pretty huge!

In the cinema I got a healthy Mint Condition from Boost Juice (I'm actually really liking this vegie juice - I think it's the mint, but Gareth didn't like it at all!), and a not-so healthy frozen yoghurt from Yogurtland - coconut and pistachio with Reese's pieces, mini M&Ms, peanuts and those round squishy balls that I never know the name of.

So seeing as this blog is a kind of diary / planner / autobiography, I thought I would share and document my November workout plans and goals.


November Goals

Running - 3 times per week

As you may remember, I'm still coming back from a knee injury.  I'm at that delicate stage where my knee hasn't hurt in a long time, I'm feeling pretty good on my 5km runs, and it is very very tempting each run to just go an extra couple of kilometers.

But I know that what I really need this month is to take it easy and just build up my distance slowly.  We are heading into summer, so I don't have any races on the horizon.  That means its a great time to put in a really solid training season, and know that my knee is ready to go for next autumn, but also strong enough to get through the year and beyond.

Patience, girl!

Building strength in my glutes by doing my physio exercises

I may have copied this from Lauren, but that's mostly because it totally applies to me too.  Not because I have any hope of being a bikini model (you go girl!), but because it's the best way to protect my knee in the long run .... for the long runs :)

Can I ask, why is it SO HARD to do the 15 minutes of exercises that your physio asks you to do, but that I would go for a 2 hour run in a heart beat ... anyone??

Keeping doing NROLFW strength training

I'm really starting to enjoy my strength training - especially focusing on lifting heavier weights, and I like that by following NROLFW I am taking much of the thought out of it for myself.  This month I'll be working through Stage 2, and maybe starting Stage 3.

The risk is that as I am able to run more, I let the weight training slide, so I'm really going to try not to do that my planning for my strength workouts.

Do the Pile on the Miles Challenge

Monica from Run Eat Repeat is running the Pile on the Miles Challenge again this year.  I really like that the goals do not just have to be about miles, you can make them whatever you want.  So I have committed to three 30 minute (minimum) runs per week, and three strength training workouts per week.  The fact that I could win prizes for doing my workout plan is a great motivator!

The November Plan

My plan is pretty straight forward:

I'm off to a good start - let's see how I go!

What are your November workout goals?


  1. You have great snack options at the movies there! Good workout plan for November!

    1. Well, I might have secretly sneaked in my snacks from some outside food places (there is a food court just outside the cinemas), rather than them being available at the cinema. But no one said anything, so it was a good lesson for me! And thanks - I'm looking forward to my workouts this month :)