Sunday, 30 November 2014

Probably the Last Quiet Weekend Until Christmas

Happy Sunday!

We have had absolutely perfect weather here all weekend.  It's been about 30C (86F), and I've just wanted to be out in the sun.  Until I think I'm getting sunburnt anyway :P I'm pretty happy that summer weather is on it's way!

I have had a pretty quiet weekend.  Not as successful in the Christmas shopping department as I would liked, but I'll get there.

Friday ...

Friday night we had some Wagyu beef burgers I picked up at the supermarket, and had them in wholegrain rolls with tomato, lettuce, onion and mayo.  It was a great, easy dinner for a Friday night.  the burgers were a little fatty but we used the George Foreman grill and most of it dripped out.  It looked gross, but better in the tray than in me!


Saturday ...

After a pretty early night, I got up at about 7am to hit the gym for a run.  I almost convinced myself to run outside, but I'm a little hesitant at the moment with my knee.  I'm kind of worried that my knee might start hurting and I don't want to be too far from home.  But anyway I did a pretty comfortable 12km run, so I'll be happy to go further next week.  Woohoo!

After getting home, breakfast (just some cereal with almond milk - I wanted to be quick) and a shower, it was time to vote!  We had a Victorian state election this weekend, and in Australia it's compulsory to vote.  I'd like to assume that I would vote even if we didn't have to - I think it's important to at least have that contribution into the society we live.    The local primary school was a voting centre, and it was actually pretty quick to get in and out.

Then I was on my way to a local shopping centre to try to get going on my Christmas shopping!  I did a lot of looking and wandering, and even more umming and ahhing.  I couldn't decide!  But I'm choosing to think of it as a day of reconnaissance.  I got some good ideas, so next weekend with be the one for action!

While I was out I had a large coffee while I walked, and then some sushi and a juice  for lunch.  It's all about the vegies people!

Old picture, same concept
When I got home, Gareth arrived about 10 minutes later after going to my sister's fiance's buck's day down the coast.  They had some good boy fun apparently, but Gareth didn't fare too well - he was feeling pretty ill most of the afternoon and night.  We're not sure if it was food poisoning or dehydration, but he wasn't well!  He's pretty tired today and is sleeping it off.  Angus was also sick during the night.  Hopefully both my boys feel better soon!

Anyway, I spent the evening catching up on washing, and then went to pick up pizza and a movie for our at home date night.  We got our pizza from Crust, which I personally think is a place that gives you a healthier pizza than lots of other pizza restaurants out there.  You can choose wholemeal or gluten free bases, and they have calories listed on their website for all of their dishes.  They even have some healthy choice pizzas.

I went a bit classic with a capricciosa, but switched out the mushrooms (yuck!) for pineapple and avocado (please add avocado to every pizza you have from now on - you can thank me later), on a wholemeal base.  Gareth tried a sriracha beef, and we shared a herb and garlic pizza.  We have heaps of leftovers, but it was all good, and exactly what I felt like.

The evening involved a few glasses of wine and a movie - 3 Days to Kill with Kevin Costner.  I really enjoyed it, but it was surprisingly funny - not what I was expecting at all.  But Kevin has had my heart since The Bodyguard, so I had no complaints - he can still rock an action scene.

Sunday ...

Sunday was slow to start after the unexpected turn of events with my boys, but at about 8:30am I took Angus for a walk in another perfect morning.  It was fabulous!

Afterwards I was already pretty warm, so I made a quick overnight oats that were actually 30min oats, quinoa, amaranth, linseed, chia seeds, cinnamon, trail mix and goji berries with a Jalna yoghurt.  While I let it sit in the fridge, I hung out some washing and cut up some watermelon and coffee to have with it.  It was pretty great on a hot morning.

Then after a little more cleaning and washing, I headed out to do a few jobs around town.  After forgetting to take the dvd with me to return, and so a trip back and forth from home again, I had some more sushi for lunch - it was just that kind of weekend.  And a big coffee.

My first Christmas coffee
My afternoon was all about blogging!  I was going to do some cooking, but seeing as Gareth isn't up for anything exciting, I might have to park that idea for another time.  Dinner is probably going to be pretty basic and low key.

So I realise that was a very descriptive weekend of not very much!  Thanks for staying around to read all about it :P  I'm going to have another pretty crazy week at work ... I can't wait for the Christmas break to arrive!

Was your weekend more exciting than mine?  What did you get up to?  What is your week going to include?

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