Friday, 7 November 2014

Sharing is Caring: Books and What's On!

Happy Friday!

Aren't Fridays just the best?  For starters, we get to wear business casual clothes on Fridays, instead of full on corporate, and it just kicks off the day the right way.  I think on Fridays everyone is also nicer and happier.

Recent Reads

I thought I'd share some of my recent reads with you.  I tend to flick between biographies (usually related to running or other sports), health related books, and crime fiction.  Now and then I'll read a girly romance too :)

Open: An Autobiography by Andre Agassi

I remember when this book came out there was a bit of negative feedback about some of the things Andre talked about.  Like having always hated tennis from a very early age, and his hair piece almost coming off during a French Open final.

I actually really enjoyed it, and found it to be quite an open, honest book.  I mean, I think I also chose to read it that way - accepting what he had written about himself.  As always, I was drawn to the relationships in the book - his famous women, and his entourage.  It also reminded me of my love for tennis.  He reminded me of the feeling of playing - training and tournaments, but also just the world of tennis where you are a single entity part of a whole, and there are rivalries where on any given day, you have the chance to be the victor.  I'm feeling empowered just remembering :)

Terminal City - Linda Fairstein

I like a good crime novel, and I always hang out for a new book from Linda Fairstein.  I think I've probably read all her books in her Alex Cooper series - her main character is a female New York prosecutor specialising in sex crimes.  Although some crime series can seem like you read the same thing over and over again, I find the plots of this series varied, contemporary and a great way to learn more about New York - the author includes amazing detail about the city and its history.  This book is based around Grand Central Station.  I am a bit of sucker for a love story, so I have to say that I've been waiting for Mike and Alex to get it together - and they are just about to!  I can't wait for the next one to come out.

The Extra Mile - One Women's Personal Journey to Ultrarunning Greatness: Pam Reed

Pam Reed shares her journey to becoming one of the Ultrarunning elite.  She talks about her running career along side her journey as a wife and mother, and balancing the two.  She also talks about her challenge with an eating disorder, and how she fought a way past.

This book provides amazing insight into the mind behind the ultrarunner - what it takes, what motivates her to keep going, and how in the hell do you survive - and win! - Badwater.  Pam is down to earth and straightforth in how she shares her life, and I found her journey inspiring.

The Happiness Project - Gretchen Rubin

Gretchen Rubin spent a year of her life actively trying to make herself happier.  She tackled different areas of her life each month, such as marriage, work, money, leisure and attitude, choosing a few key things to change in the pursuit of happiness.  What I particularly liked is that she wasn't trying to make radical changes like move countries or careers.  She just wanted to make small adjustments that improved her sense of wellbeing and contentment.

The author obviously did a great deal of research into wide and varying happiness philosophies, so the psych student in me loved the theories, but what makes the book is really the writing - from the heart, true and with gentle humour.  The big question is: was Gretchen happier by the end of the year??  You'll have to read it to see :)

This Weekend in Melbourne

Emirates Stakes Day

The Melbourne Cup Carnival wraps up this weekend with the Emirates Stakes Day on Saturday, otherwise known a Family Day.  You can take your kids and enjoy what is supposed to be a warm but windy day - maybe hold on to that umbrella!

Good Food Month - Truck Fest

As part of the Melbourne Good Food Month, this weekend Footscray will be holding a Truck Fest - food trucks converging in one place to share foods of the world.  Both Saturday and Sunday, you can check it out on Maribyrnong Street between 12 noon and 8pm.  I have already put this on our to do list for the weekend!

Marysville Marathon Festival

This Sunday will see runners taking part in the annual Marysville running festival.  There are events for everyone: 50km ultra, marathon, half marathon, 10km and 4km.  Beware: this will be one super hilly course!

Marysville was devastated in 2009 by bushfires that swept through the whole area.  The event was established that year by a community pulling itself back together, and has run every year since.

Although I'm guessing that you probably won't choose to enter the marathon now if you hadn't already planned on running it, you could take the scenic drive from Melbourne to the area and cheer the runners on.  Afterwards you can check out the local restaurants, cafes and wineries to relax and refresh before your drive back to the city.

Comedy at Crown

If you feel like finishing your weekend with a laugh, you can check out some of our best local comedians at the Crown Entertainment Complex on Sunday night from 6:30pm.  You can get tickets at the door, and enjoy a chuckle over a drink or two.

What have you got planned to make this weekend a good one?

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