Sunday, 9 November 2014

Weekend recap

We got some great news about some work for Gareth late on Friday, so we decided to go to the local pub for a meal after work.  We tend to go there in summer, and it was a nice warm day, but I think everyone else had the same idea.  It was packed!  But a wine and a chicken parmagiana with salad later (and a Beef’n’Reef for Gareth!), we were happy and full, and headed home.

Saturday ...

Saturday began with the usual workout – a 10km run for me at the gym, which was pretty good.  I was a little tight but once I got through the first 4-5 kms or so, I got into the groove.  I hotfooted it home to make it in time to join in on walking Angus – definitely always a highlight of my day – it is such a great way to really feel like the weekend has begun.

Saturday was all about jobs for us.  We went to get Gareth some new tools (I looked at the ‘pretty’ stuff), then hit up a favourite local café for brunch – Corinthians.  I would say it has the best coffee in the area, and the food is always good – I’ve never been disappointed.  Oh, I had an unpictured coffee with my eggs :)

Chicken burger and chips
Poached eggs, avocado and spinach

Saturday arvo was full of fun with grocery shopping and washing.

Saturday night we took it easy at home.  I had leftover home made pizza, and Gareth ordered in takeaway.  With a glass of wine or two.

We also watched Bad Neighbours.  To be honest, it was the best of a bad bunch of new releases at the moment.  I had fairly low expectations, but we were in the mood for a laugh, and it was reasonable.  I thought that Rose Byrne (Aussie!) and Seth Rogen were actually really good together, and Zac Efron lived up to his teenage heartthrob name.

There was a bit more baby / mother stuff than I was expecting (I don’t think I’ve seen the effects of an unmilked boob on the big screen before!), but it gave us a pretty good laugh.

Sunday ...

Sunday was a rest day for me, but included another Angus walk, and then a lazy Sunday breakfast at home.  Eggs, coffee and orange!

I quickly made some mango frozen yoghurt in my ice-cream maker using the recipe that comes with the machine.  Milk, caster sugar (I halve the listed amount), non fat Chobani yoghurt, a touch of vanilla and mushed mango.  It can get a bit icy in the freezer, so we’ll see tonight if it is any good.  Probably better for me than the self-serve I buy though!

Then Gareth and I headed out to find the Maribyrnong Food Truck Fest that I mentioned on Friday.  But alas, we had a major fail.  We went to the listed location in Footscray, and we could not find any food trucks.  We spent some time online and on our GPS trying to figure out if I had just gotten it wrong, but with no luck.

After about half an hour we gave up and went to a café nearby that I like but I haven’t been to for awhile – Pint of Milk in Newport.  Although it wasn’t food truck food, we still enjoyed our meals!  And this place has awesome coffee, which is always a winner in my book.

Skinny cappuccino
Corn and Zucchini Fritters
Lamb burger and chips

When we got home I whipped up some raw cacao fudge.  I follow this recipe to the letter, and it is TO DIE FOR.  It is a great go to evening snack when you want something sweet.  It has tahini, maple syrup, coconut oil and cacao powder and nibs, so it’s pretty good for you, and you only need a tiny little piece to be totally satisfied.  I can’t wait to have some!

I went to hang out at the local free wifi spot to do some blogging in the afternoon, and I tried an Acai Bowl –I got the Green Fix which includes kale.  I’ve been wanting to try one for ages – since we saw them in Hawaii when we got married at the local coffee shop.

It was pretty much a smoothie in a bowl, with strawberries and coconut on top.  I liked it, and would probably have it again when I wanted a healthy breakfast or afternoon snack.  Yum!

That brings you up to speed on our weekend!  We are going to try some Lilydale mini chicken roasts we found in the supermarket yesterday for dinner tonight, so I’ll let you know if they are any good.  And I’m going to be trying a(nother) new nail polish – I’m a bit obsessed at the moment.

Enjoy your Sunday night!

Did anyone go to the Maribyrnong Food Truck Fest?  Where was it???  What was the favourite thing you got up to this weekend?

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