Thursday, 6 November 2014

Where, Oh Where, Has My Motivation Gone?

It seems that my motivation has gone on holidays.  Do you know those times when it is so easy to stay on track with your healthy eating and exercise that you don't even think about it.  And then there are times like these where every food decision is a struggle, and you are trying to remember why you should eat the apple and not the cupcake.

So I decided to put a few things down on the virtual paper to remind me of why I know this is important for me to choose to be healthy.  Some are minor, and and some are big reasons, but I hope that I can look back on these when I need to get that extra boost of willpower.  I thought there might be the off chance that they might help you too :)

1. My Sister's Wedding

My little sister is getting married in December, and we are SO excited.  I am one of her bridesmaids, so although part of the reason I want to stick to my healthy eating is to rock my bridesmaid's dress, it's also because I want to have some amazing pictures with my sister and my family.  I want to look back at them in the years to come and feel proud of how I looked and felt on that day.

2. To Fuel My Workouts

If I want to have strong, powerful workouts, I need to eat food that will give my body the energy and nutrients it needs to perform well.  I know that when I fill my diet with fresh fruit and vegies, lean protein, whole grains and healthy fats, I'm giving myself every change of lifting that personal best weight at my next strength training session.  Bring it on!

3. To Give Me Energy and Relieve Stress

One of the things that gets me up at 5am (or before) every morning is knowing that if I start my day with a run or weights session, my whole day will be better because of it.  I will have more energy to power through work meetings and even enjoy our family dog walk after work.  I also know that I handle stress much better when I'm exercising regularly.  This month is going to be a busy one at work, so I will be doing myself a favour by making time for that run, and I'll also be a better worker too!

4. To Make My Insides Happy

I was reminded last week about how my body reacts to highly processed, high sugar foods.  It's really not pleasant - I feel bloated, get sugar headaches, feel lethargic, and sleep poorly.  All these physical reminders of how bad some food can be are a great reason to avoid them.  And then we don't have to even talk about the longer term effects like diabetes, high blood pressure and hormonal changes.

5. Bikinis!

We are heading into summer here, and although I am not someone who swans around in a bikini and jean shorts all summer, I would like to feel confident enough to do it now and then when the occasion calls for it.

I want to be clear, I'm not talking about striving for a bikini body.  I personally find that when I'm eating well, looking after my body and exercising consistently, my self confidence sky rockets, and I wear my clothes with pride.  And that confidence makes anyone look better.  So I want to rock my bikini from the inside, because I know I'm doing everything I can to keep my body fit and healthy.

6. Read a Motivational Book

I may have mentioned that I read a lot.  I like to mix it up between real life stuff and fiction.  Sometimes though, I really just want a book to inspire me in an area of my life.

I've been missing my running, so I was perusing the running related books I had in my Kobo and I realised I hadn't read Chasing the Runner's High by Ray Charbonneau.  Once I got into it, I found that I could really identify with his feelings about running, and what it brings to his life.  I think I also have a tendency to get a bit obsessive about things like he admits.  I'm not sure I'm quite ready to get into ultra-running, but it definitely made me nostalgic about a long run.  Hopefully soon!

What are the things in your life that are motivating you right now to be healthy?

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