Sunday, 28 December 2014

An Aussie Summer Weekend

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and have started to wind down after the festivities.  At least, before it all picks up again for New Year's eve!

We had a pretty typical Aussie summer holidays weekend.  The weather has been beautiful - high 20s (Celsius), blue skies and a little wind. Just perfect!

Friday ...

We came back from my parents house after spending Christmas with them in Ballarat.  Although we had eaten so much food, we were feeling lazy so got takeaway Indian for dinner.  The funny thing is that even with Gareth's  mum being here with us, we still ordered pretty much the same amount of food as we normally do, just with an extra samosa and garlic naan.  It was really yummy - we were saying that we are lucky to have some much variety in what we can eat here - Indian after a few days of traditional Aussie Christmas fare.

I watched Four Weddings and a Funeral which was on  tv, with Gareth's mum.  This movie is one of my all time favourites - I think I know almost every line!  Every time I hear the poem spoken at the funeral by Matthew, I choke up.  

Gareth stuck it out for a little while, but left to watch something more manly - Aliens I think.

Saturday ...

I'd rested for a couple of days over Christmas and Boxing Day, so Saturday morning I hit the gym for a weights workout.  I did one of my Stage 4 NROLFW workouts, and it hurt pretty good.

After getting home, fed and cleaned up, we went to Queen Victoria Market for some fresh produce.  It was perfect weather to be there - not too hot, but shorts and tshirt weather nonetheless.  We all had lamb souvlakis for lunch, which were huge!  I ate about half of mine, and had a small skinny cappucino to go with it (I was jonesing for my first coffee hit of the day).

After fueling up, we wandered through some of the stalls, and then stocked up on fruits and vegies, and some fresh meat.  The produce is so fresh and cheap!  I love that we know we are buying direct from the producers.

For dinner we used some of our QVM fare, and had a BBQ at home.  Tbone steak, chicken kebabs, garden salad and a cauliflower and chickpea salad I found at the local supermarket.  So much protein!  And so good!  After dinner I was really tired, and called it a night early, after watching an episode of Wahlburgers.

Sunday ...

Sunday morning was about a long run.  I busted out 16km on the treadmill at the gym, at a pretty easy pace.  I was contemplating going further, but I could just start to feel my knee cause a little pain, so I called it a day.  No getting injured again for me!

After a refuel of my porridge and coffee, I did some washing and played around the house until I headed out to meet an old Uni friend who lives in Sydney, but was visiting his family in Melbourne.  We try to catch up about this time each year and have started making a French cafe in Carlton our regular haunt - Depot de Pain - he's one of those friends that, no matter how long since we caught up, we can have a good chat.  Thanks for the catch up Toby!

Sunday evening Gareth's mum took us out for dinner at our local pub, which is perfect for an easy meal.  If you're even in Point Cook, give the Brook a try, if you're after some pub grub.

And that's about my weekend!  Time to plan what to do with my free time over the next few days - yay!

How was the weather in your neck of the woods this weekend?  Did you get out and about, or stay in!

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