Monday, 8 December 2014

Another Week, More Good Eats

Hey there.  So my week of eats was pretty normal, except for a couple of days I spent at client sites.  But here's the detail.

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As with other similar posts, I will not share every single thing I ate during the week.  Partly because I can't remember, and partly because it will probably just bore you.  So here are the highlights.

Eats ...


  • Breakfast:  My super grain porridge but as an overnight oats with yoghurt.  Large skinny cappucino as well
  • Lunch:  My tuna rice salad with rice, quinoa, avocado, cherry tomatoes, sugar snap peas, corn, red kidney beans and a small tin of tuna
  • Snack:
  • Dinner:  Two kanga bangas (kangaroo sausages), pan fried broccolini, bok choy and onion in olive oil and garlic, small corn on the cob

I started my week with healthy, homemade meals.  Just the way I like it!  I know, I'm a creature of habit, but my porridge and tuna rice salad really do make me happy!  And whenever someone sees me making or eating these meals, they comment on how good they look.  So you should get used to seeing them pretty frequently, as well as some lean meat, greens and corn.  Just another staple.


  • Breakfast: My super grain porridge but as an overnight oats with yoghurt.  Large skinny cappucino as well
  • Lunch:  My tuna rice salad with rice, quinoa, avocado, cherry tomatoes, sugar snap peas, corn, red kidney beans and a small tin of tuna
  • Snack:  Chobani yoghurt
  • Dinner: Lite'n'Easy meal of curried sausages, mashed potato, beans and carrots

I got home really late on Tuesday, so it was Lite'n'Easy to the rescue.  The curried sausages are very much comfort food to me, but at least I know the portion size means I get just enough to make me happy.  Because I left work late, I also had a snack about 5pm to get me through until dinner.  This tactic seems to work pretty well for me.


  • Breakfast:  My super grain porridge but as an overnight oats with yoghurt.  Large skinny cappucino as well
  • Lunch: Mixed sandwiches: mystery meat in sandwich and roll form.  Some salad and sauce
  • Snack: Many cups of instant coffee
  • Dinner: Salmon with lemon herb crust, on a bed of brussel sprouts, bok choy, and onion pan fried in olive oil and garlic, with a small corn cob

I was out at a client site for most of the day, with snacks and lunch provided.  I must say, I wasn't very impressed with the freshness and healthiness of the food provided.  I had some sandwiches that contained unidentified meat - for the life of me, I couldn't tell you if it was chicken, lamb or pork.  It was slathered in a sauce to further add to the confusion.  But I was hungry, so I ate.  I also had lots of instant coffee that day.  I am officially becoming a coffee snob.


  • Breakfast:  Two slices of multigrain toast, large skinny cappucino
  • Lunch:   Mixed sandwiches: egg salad mini bagel, chicken panini
  • Snack:  Skinny cappucino, macaroon
  • Dinner: Grilled chicken breast with homemade spicy salsa, pan fried asparagus, bok choy and onion in olive oil and garlic, small corn on the cob

I was again out at a client on Thursday, however the food was heaps better.  Still the stock standard sandwiches, but they felt fresh and ... identifiable.  I really enjoyed the eggs salad bagel - I might have to make my own version one day.  I also treated myself to a macaroon during the afternoon to keep me going.  It was really good, and well worth it.


  • Breakfast: Two slices of multigrain toast, with a date, chia and banana smoothie, and a skinny cappucino
  • Lunch:  Indian Fusion of slow cooked lamb, lentil dahl, brown rice, with a potato samosa and raspberry, orange and cinnamon iced tea
  • Dinner:  Jamie's Mexican burgers from Woolworths, in a multigrain roll with tomato, avocado, lettuce, mayo and cheese
No pics - sorry!

I had a really long week, and today was a day of indulgence eats.  I was hungry after my gym workout, so I added a smoothie to my breakfast.  I had also organised to go out for lunch with a friend because we had bought a voucher a few weeks ago.  We had fusion Indian at Tadka Boom in the CBD.  It was really good, light, fresh Indian food.  I'll be back!  Dinner was taken care of by Gareth, and I wasn't complaining one bit :)


  • Breakfast:  My super mixed grain porridge as 30 minute oats, with natural yoghurt
  • Snack: Mint condition vegie juice (apple, kale, spinach, cucumber, celery and mint)
  • Lunch:  Two eggs on a bagel with tomato, avocado, and cream cheese.  Nespresso coffee
  • Dinner: Thai takeaway: golden bags, roti with peanut sauce, vegetable red curry, beef with mild chili paste and basmati rice

Pretty standard Saturday for me, with meals at different times to usual, and a bit more indulgent.  But I went for a 15km run in the morning, so I needed extra fuel throughout the day.  The egg bagel was a pretty big meal, but all good stuff, and kept me going all afternoon while we bowled.  And I can't resist good Thai takeway, and this was the best.


  • Breakfast:  My super mixed grain porridge with light milk and a nectarine
  • Lunch:  Three sushi rolls  - two spicy raw tuna, one beef tataki
  • Snack:  Few red grapes
  • Dinner:  Jamie's smashed chicken with tomato and parmesan, mashed sweet potato, pan fried bok choy in olive oil and garlic. Glass of red wine

On Sunday I left it way too long between breakfast and lunch - about 6 hours.  It was just due to circumstance, but I could have been better prepared with snacks.  By the way, the chicken for dinner was again really good from the Jamie Oliver range.  The chicken was good quality, and it was really flavourful.  Because I had lunch so late, I only had a small dinner.

Thoughts ...

I had some staple meals during the week (porridge, tuna rice salad, vegies and corn), but I don't mind having that sense of de ja vu when I know that I'm eating well rounded meals, with a good balance of carbs, protein and healthy fats.  There were a few meals this week where I didn't have as much control over what I ate, but I just tried to make the healthiest choice available in the circumstance.

I was saying to Gareth over the weekend that I really think I've lost the desire to have sweet, sugary foods.  I have a little fruit (nectarine, goji berries) with breakfast, but that is usually the extent of my sweet food for the day.  If I need something, I'll have some dried fruit later in the day.  And to ensure full disclosure, I always have a cappucino because I like the chocolate on top.  Compared to even a few months ago though, my sugar intake has dropped substantially.  And I feel a lot better for it.

I do find that having an eating plan each week, and making sure that I have plenty of healthy options, prevents me from resorting to stress-related food decisions.  Even when things start to get out of control, and I'm tired and stressed, I don't have to think too much about food, or give myself a reason to choose unhealthy foods.  By having lots of fresh foods at home, I always have something quick and healthy to choose from.

Goals ...

I'm really happy with what I'm eating, and the food choices I'm making at the moment.  I feel like I'm fueling my body well, I'm making controlled, ration food choices, and I am not feeling at all deprived.  If I get bored with my food, I'll just find a new solution.  But for now, it's working for me.  And I'm just going to try to keep it going.

What is your favourite, healthy meal?  How do you make sure you have balanced meals and daily diet?  

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