Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Contemplating 2015 Races Around Melbourne

Hi everyone!

With the new year just around the corner (once we manage to survive the tail end of this one), I have been considering which races I might like to run in during 2015.  I've generally only done a couple, but I'm thinking of adding a few smaller races as well, because, well, races are just fun!

My key milestones

Although I haven't entered any events, here are the races that I try to run each year:

22 March - Melbourne Run for the Kids (15km)

This is a nice distance to kick off the season and see where I'm at.  Plus, we get to run over one of the arterial bridges and see Melbourne from a unique perspective!

10 May - Ballarat Mothers Day Classic (12km)

Proceeds from this run go towards breast cancer research.  A dear friend of my mum's passed away due to the disease, so this run has special meaning.  The races are in towns all over the country, but because it's Mother's Day, I like to be close to my family home for the day.  This works out perfectly for me!

26 July - Run Melbourne (Half)

This half is about 3 months into the season, so again, a great race to get some perspective on my training so far.  Although I'd like to do well and keep a good pace, I don't want to risk being burnt out by this stage of the season, so I'll probably decide how I want to push myself for this one closer to the time.

18 October - Melbourne Marathon Festival (Half)

This is the race where I will be trying to run a PB.  The races leading up to it are all just preparation and conditioning.  In my mind, this is the race I'd like to be at my peak for.

Interstate options

Although mostly I'll be sticking around Victoria, there are a couple of interstate races I'd consider.  I haven't ever travelled for a run, but I would like to start! Here are the details.

Shorter 'training' run options

There are a few other races around Melbourne that have caught my eye, and depending on how my training is going, I might consider entering.

I'm obviously not going to run all of these!  But I actually just like that I have a great summary now to mull over and think about training plans.  This is a fun part of the process!

I've also been thinking that I might aim for a full marathon in 2016.  I don't want to push it this year with my knee still recovering, but I think with another 18 months or so of strengthening I might be up for.  We'll see how 2015 goes first!

Have you got your 2015 races planned out?  How many are you running?  Do you have a big races that you are aiming for?

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