Friday, 12 December 2014

It's THE Weekend!

This is the weekend that my little sister and her fiance get married.  I'm pretty excited!

While I'm doing all things wedding related with my family, here are some things you might want to do this weekend!

Opera in the Bowl

It is supposed to be absolutely gorgeous weather in Melbourne this weekend, so it would be a perfect night on Saturday to check out the Opera in the Bowl.  The Sidney Myer Music Bowl, that is.  This is a free concert from 8pm, where you can sit in the park having a picnic dinner, and you get to listen to some of the best artists from Opera Australia and Orchestra Victoria.

If you are even vaguely interested in opera or finding out more about it, this might be a great event to attend.  And worst case scenario - you sit outside on a beautiful summer's evening for a few hours.  Sounds pretty great to me!

Big Day Out for Dogs


This Sunday from 10:30am Dogs Victoria is holding their annual Big Day Out for Dogs at Skye (a bit of a drive!).  There will be representatives - both human and canine! - from a huge range of clubs and breeds.  If you want to find out about a particular dog breed, or even just pat a whole bunch of dogs and puppies, you will find what you're after here.  There is also a Canine Christmas Market with a bunch of products and services - you might find a Christmas present for your doggie friend.  Humans and dogs are welcome to this free event.

Meredith Music Festival

The Meredith Music Festival is this weekend!  Meredith is a town between Geelong and Melbourne, and the event is run at the edge of a farm - camping all the way.  Although it may be difficult to get last minute tickets (I'm pretty sure it's sold out), this three day event is a huge music party with one stage and filled with campers who just keep going and going.  I know some people who can't wait for it to kick off, and who have gone to some pretty elaborate lengths for their campsite.  I'm a bit out of the music loop, but you can see the lists of artists here.  If it sounds like your thing, you might already going, but if not, it might be something to check out.

Christmas Gingerbread Village

In one word: YUM!  At the Melbourne Town Hall you can find a Gingerbread Village.  In it's fourth year, over 2,000 hours have been spent creating the Gingerbread Village, where you’ll see some very recognisable Melbourne landmarks, such as the Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne Cricket Ground, Luna Park and a zoo - all connected by the Christmas train. Entry will be by a gold coin donation to Make-A-Wish® Australia.

As you probably shouldn't munch on the gingerbread displays, the pastry chefs will be creating delicious gingerbread treats that can be purchased on site, including gingerbread men, hearts and ice-cream. Perfect for eating whilst exploring the village, or to take away for Christmas gifting.  I think I'll be visiting this one!

Hope you have a great weekend - the second last before Christmas!

What are your plans this weekend?  Anything fun?

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