Tuesday, 16 December 2014

My Christmas Wishlist - Just a Little Somethin' Edition

There are some people who you want to just get a little gift for.  It is the thought that counts, right?  So here are a few things that are just that little thoughtful somethin', or else can be added to a bigger gift as a little extra.  These are still food and exercise related, with just a touch of girly-ness thrown in :)

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Runners never have enough socks.  And even if they do, they are always on the look out for some new fancy pair that will make them feel like they are running on air and to never feel any pain.  Dreaming much?  But in any case, a pair of sports socks will always be welcomed by your runner friends and family.

Hair ties

For the running girls, hair ties are a BIG DEAL.  Whether the goal is to have a funky hair clip or elastic to make you feel a bit glam while you workout, or to find the perfect thickness, stretchiness and colour so you know that not a strand of hair is going to come out of it, the perfect hair tie quest is never-ending.  That can also stretch to hair clips, bobby pins and head bands.  So if you see something in this genre that looks good (whether that means effective or pretty!), your girl runners will be happy to give it a try.

Reusable shopping / lunch bag

Although I have a couple of environmentally friendly shopping bags, I often find that I'm needing something in a different size, or with a different strap length, depending on the purpose of the day.  And this extends to re-usable lunch bags.  In summer you want a bag that is going to keep your lunch goodies cold on your commute to work - a warm yoghurt is just not ... well, cool.  A re-usable bag - whichever kind - will be a welcome addition.

Microwave egg poachers

These are my go to egg cookers, especially for work or when I don't want to make a mess.  These little egg poachers just require an egg and a little water, and then pop them into the microwave for a while (the time will depend on the strength of the microwave), and out come poached eggs for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  My only warning is that occasionally the eggs can explode - in my experience this is when the microwave is too hot (I usually cook eggs for a little longer but at 50% power) or the eggs are not really fresh.  It will happen, but it's not the end of the world.  And these egg poachers are life savers!

Earphone cord wrap

Every runner - actually, who are we kidding, almost every person! - will have a set of earphones.  And there isn't much more annoying than getting to the gym, seeing the last open treadmill, and having to spend 5 minutes de-tangling your earphone cords from the various items in your hand or gym bags.  An earphone cord wrap avoids this drama, and let's you get on with your workout in record time.  A great gift idea!

Water bottle

Similarly to socks, those who regularly exercise are also regularly on the hunt for the perfect drink bottle.  And for different purposes, different drink bottles might be required.  For running on the treadmill I like a heavy, solid drink bottle with a straw, whereas doing weights a lighter one is fine.  And out running, you may want a couple of smaller ones.  I've also seen some deflatable drink bottles that reduce to the thickness of paper once the water has been consumed.  All would be great presents for your runner friends!  Just try to choose one that is BPA free.

Re-usable coffee mug

I love coffee.  I drink A LOT of coffee.  And now and then I think about the impact I'm personally having on the environment with all the disposable cups and lids that I use and discard.  So I was pretty grateful when a thoughtful person gave me a re-usable coffee cup and lid.  I can just take it with me to the coffee shop, who refill it with my drink of choice, and then I just wash it out for next time.  And they keep the coffee warmer for longer = bonus! You can get all kinds of fun designs to match someone's personality.

iTunes / Amazon gift voucher

Most people these days will have an iTunes or Amazon account.  And whichever your runner friends and family have, they will find something on there to add to their collection, even for $20.  Some will be on the hunt for the next running book, and others will be happy to download a few new songs to add to their play list.  Or they might even have a cool fitness app they want!  Don't be afraid of giving gift vouchers, they will always be appreciated.

Nail salon voucher

So this one might just have been because I was looking at my post wedding nails thinking that they were beautiful, but most girls (and some guys!) like a bit of hand pampering, but often won't go out and get a manicure or polish without a reason.  I always feel more confident and finished when I have great nails!  Although it might sound frivolous, it can be a great pick me up on a bad day.

What are your 'little something' gift ideas for runners or foodies?  What would you love to get for Christmas? (you never know who might be reading!)


  1. I am in need of socks too. I also would like some newer headbands. Mine are a bit old so I am looking to upgrade my selection. But most importantly I am need of some more compression pants. Mine are bursting at the seams.

    1. I'm hoping I might find some good quality fitness gear on sale after Christmas - maybe you'll get lucky with some compression pants too! :)