Monday, 22 December 2014

My Week of Eats - First Round of Christmas

Hello all!

I thought I'd start with a quote I received during the week - just in case you need some motivation at the moment to get out for your run.

This week my eats faced the first Christmas season challenge - the work lunch.  Although I think I got off lightly, because we are a pretty refined bunch, and like good quality eats.  Here is my week in summary.

As always, I haven't included everything I have eaten this week, just the highlights.



  • Breakfast My multigrain porridge with scoop of peanut butter, large skinny cappuccino
  • Lunch Tuna rice salad - rice and quinoa mix, with avocado, tomatoes, sugar snap peas, corn, mixed beans, and tuna with chilli
  • Dinner Moroccan smashed chicken breast with corn on a cob, and brussel sprouts, bok choy and onion pan fried
This was a pretty normal Monday, but I had to fight tired sugar cravings in the afternoon.  My husband made me dinner, so I felt happy and spoilt!  As always I started the week with my standard porridge and tuna rice salad.  Always great choices.


  • Breakfast My multigrain porridge with a peach, and large skinny cappuccino
  • Lunch Caprese salad (tomato, basil and boccocini), and medium rare steak with broccoli
  • Snack Tirimasu
  • Dinner Half a rock melon with vanilla yoghurt
Today was all about the work lunch.  It was decadent, yummy and more food than I normally eat.  So you can see I only had a really light dinner - fruit and yoghurt - to balance out my day.  I was happy because I felt satisfied, but not overly full.  I did good! I also went for a run in the afternoon, which I think helped me digest the lunch before the evening.


  • Breakfast My multigrain porridge with a peach, and large skinny cappuccino
  • Lunch  Tuna rice salad (as above)
  • Snack Chobani yoghurt (plain)
  • Dinner Grilled chicken breast with salsa, and pan fried bok choy, brussel sprouts and onion
Wednesday I was back to my normal eats, and it felt good.  After an indulgent day, I am always happy to go back to healthy, whole foods to refuel my body with good things.  I'm still loving brussel sprouts, and my favourite cooking method is a quick pan fry in olive oil with a bit of garlic.


  • Breakfast My multigrain porridge with a peach, and large skinny cappuccino
  • Lunch Tuna rice salad - as above, sans avocado
  • Snack Chobani yoghurt (strawberry)
  • Dinner Oven baked salmon with pan fried asparagus, brussel sprouts, bok choy and onion
Another good day of eats, and a Chobani in the afternoon to combat sweet cravings.  Nothing too special here!  But I enjoyed it all.


  • Breakfast Large skinny cappuccino, coconut milk quinoa porridge
  • Lunch  Tuna rice salad, as above, Vegie juice (spinach, celery, carrot, ginger, lemon)
  • Dinner Sushi - spicy tuna roll, two summer rolls with teriyaki chicken
I went out for breakfast with my work colleague.  I was a cold and miserable morning (for summer in Melbourne!), so I felt like the Kinfolk quinoa porridge.  It is super yummy!  I had a normal lunch, but wanted extra vegies so I had a vegie juice with it.  Then I went straight to the airport from work, and it was a long time between eats.  I had a late dinner of sushi to tide me over to the next day. 


  • Breakfast  Half a rockmelon with vanilla yoghurt
  • Lunch Poached eggs on wholewheat toast (one slice), with avocado, tomato and spinach
  • Dinner Home made pizza - salami, pineapple, avocado, capsicum, onion and olives.  Glass of wine
This was a usual Saturday of indulgence, but in moderation.  I still just tried to have well rounded meals with a focus on vegies and protein.  Homemade pizza may not quite fall into that category, but at least it was a better choice than the alternative!


  • Breakfast  Poached eggs on wholemeal muffin, with cream cheese, tomato and avocado
  • Lunch Two spicy tuna sushi rolls
  • Snack Cherries!  Trail mix
  • Dinner Kanga sausages x 2, lamb kebab, bok choy pan fried in garlic and olive oil, some couscous salad - onion, red capsicum, peas, corn and chickpeas.
I noticed today I was much more nibbly - I am putting that down to my long run yesterday.  I must just be hitting that distance that requires more fuel, but that I don't really feel it until the next day.  I had a couple of extra snacks during the day, but as always, tried to stick to relatively healthy choices.  Fruit is amazing at the moment, so I had lots of fresh cherries. I might have given in and had a taste of the choc chip ice cream I made on Saturday - just to make sure it was OK :P


I had a good week of food, but I will admit that I was pretty tired post wedding, and that certainly made me crave sweet food when my energy was low - like in the middle of the afternoons at work.  I had some Chobani yoghurts in the fridge at work for these moments, and I also had a couple of extra afternoon coffees. I have full milk coffees, so that gives me protein and energy, as well as caffeine.  As long as this is factored into my day of eats (ie. an afternoon coffee will often be my snack), I'm happy with that option.

I also had my first big Christmas function - our HR team work lunch.  We went to a great place in Docklands called Chiara.  We had a sit down three course lunch, with sparkling and white wine.   It was delightful!  More than I would normally eat at lunch, but also not too excessive.  I didn't have any of the sides that were on the table, but I did eat everything on my plate.  I especially didn't want to miss out on any of the tirimasu - it was SO. GOOD.

I have noticed though that since having a few sweet treats, I am craving more.  After both the wedding weekend, and the work lunch, I have definitely felt like having more sweet food.  I have just been trying to have fruit when I feel this kind of craving, and mixing it with some protein or fats.  I think that I feel best when I avoid sugars for this reason - having it just makes me crave more, when I don't really need it.  Over the next few weeks it will be hard to avoid all sweets treats, but I'm just going to try to be selective - only eat the ones I really want!  And otherwise, keep up my water and vegie intake.

What's next

These coming few weeks will be a bit of a test.  I want to enjoy my food in moderation.  I wouldn't want to miss out on our great Christmas BBQ meat feast and vegies, but I will go easy on the sweet stuff.  I think I will try to have a drink of mineral water whenever I feel like snacking - during this time of year, I don't drink as much as normal, and it will be a good way to get in extra fluids, and avoid mindless eating.  I will make a few Christmas treats myself though!

What was your favourite meal this week?   Mine was definitely my lunch on Tuesday - the Caprese salad was amazing!

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