Monday, 1 December 2014

My Week of Eats

Sharing my week of eats with you guys is a great way to review my decisions around food during the week.  I hope you don't mind listening!

This week I had a more normal week at work, and I could get back to in most cases making my lunch and breakfasts.  Dinner was normal but a bit more difficult because I was getting home later - it was all about quick meals before crawling into bed.

Oh, and I realised in the last update I forgot to mention that after every gym workout I have a protein shake on the way to work.  It keeps me going until I can have a proper breakfast, and replenishes my muscles with much needed protein - especially after a strength workout.

As with the last update, I won't share every single thing I ate each day - just the highlights.

The eats this week ...


  • Breakfast:  My multi grain porridge with a nectarine and full cream milk
  • Lunch: Tuna rice salad - quinoa and rice, with cherry tomatoes, sugar snap peas, canned corn, canned red kidney beans, avocado, and tuna in oil
  • Dinner:  Kangaroo sausages (ie Kanga bangas!) with corn on the cobb, and salad of cos lettuce, cucumber, tomato and onion

I started the week of well food-wise!  Everything was home made, wholesome and well rounded.  I love kangaroo by the way - it's a really lean red meat and has lots of flavour.  These sausages have hardly any fat in them.


  • Breakfast:  My multi grain porridge with a nectarine and full cream milk
  • Lunch: Tuna rice salad  (from above)
  • Snack: Raspberry Chobani
  • Dinner: Lite'n'Easy Rigatoni with meatballs

My porridge is a winner every time.  I had a filling put into a back tooth around lunch time, so even though I was kind of hungry, I didn't eat lunch until quite late.  I did have a late day at work though, so by the time I got home I just wanted something super quick and easy.  Lite'n'Easy to the rescue!


  • Breakfast:  My multi grain porridge with a nectarine and full cream milk
  • Lunch: Tuna rice salad  (from above)
  • Dinner: Salmon fillet with corn on the cobb, pan fried asparagus, bok choy, brussel sprouts and onion. Mineral water with lemon juice

My porridge / rice salad combo definitely fills me up and keeps me going all day.  And it means that I can go easy on the carbs later in the day.  Again, I had another late night at work, but I really wanted some good food, so I whipped this dinner up in about 20 minutes.  It was pretty great!


  • Breakfast:  62 degree egg on multigrain toast with artichoke, kale, pine nuts and goats cheese curd
  • Lunch:  Tuna rice salad  (from above)
  • Dinner: Grilled chicken breast with homemade salsa, and salad of cos lettuce, cucumber and onion

I went out for breakfast at Kinfolk, and I had their daily egg special.  I love that it is only one egg on once piece of toast - perfect for a workday morning!  There was basically nothing in the fridge for dinner, so a basic salad and a grilled chicken breast was the best I could come up with.  It was simple, but still good.  My homemade salsa has just a little chilli kick, and is perfect with chicken.


  • Breakfast: Avocado smash on sourdough with two poached eggs and roasted tomato
  • Lunch:  Tuna rice salad  (from above)
  • Snack: Trail mix (maybe 2 handfuls)
  • Dinner: Wagyu beef burgers made at home with multigrain rolls, lettuce, onion, tomato, mayonnaise

I had breakfast with a past boss up the other end of the CBD and had a yummy breakfast.  Mine was a good size, but hers was way too big for a work morning!  Sometimes I wonder what restaurants think when they serve up meals.  Anyway, I also wanted to express my love for my tuna rice salad.  I pull this mix out pretty regularly, because it has vegies, some wholegrains, healthy fats and protein.  Another great combo! I get tuna (or salmon) in olive oil that is flavoured - my favourite is garlic and soy.  I drain a lot of the oil, but just leave enough to act as a dressing for the salad.  It's great!


  • Breakfast: small bowl of cereal and almond milk
  • Snack: large skinny cappucino
  • Lunch: 3 sushi rolls (avocado, teryaki chicken and cooked tuna), vegie juice
  • Dinner: customised capricciosa pizza from Crust, a few herb and garlic pizza squares, wine

All day Saturday I felt like I was rushing through my meals.  A couple of times I felt a bit light headed (after my 12km run in the morning) so I just drank some more water, which seemed to do the trick.  I liked what I had for breakfast / lunch, but I also liked stopping to enjoy pizza for dinner.  I really felt like the saltiness of olives.  And you can't go wrong with pineapple and avocado on pizza.  Seriously good.


  • Breakfast: Overnight oats (oats,, quinoa, amaranth, linseed, chia seeds, cinnamon, goji berries, trail mix with yoghurt), watermelon and nespresso coffee
  • Lunch: 3 sushi rolls (avocado, teryaki chicken and cooked tuna), large skinny cappucino
  • Dinner: Chickpea burger with roasted brussel sprouts and corn on the cobb

It was really hot both Saturday and Sunday, and after walking Angus first thing Sunday morning, I wanted a cold breakfast.  I just used my normal porridge recipe, added some creamy yoghurt, and stuck it in the fridge for 30 minutes.  I even made a double batch and brought the leftovers to work on Monday.  And watermelon is the best on a hot day!  I know - consecutive sushi days is a bit OTT, but it was perfect on the warm days.

Overall thoughts

This week was a big one at work.  I've had quite a few deadlines that have meant I've just been focused on things other than eating.

I was glad I had planned my lunches and breakfasts for the week.  It meant that I didn't spend extra time thinking about what I was going to eat and having to making decisions about what was healthy.  Although I'm trying to really listen to what my body wants at any point in time, I also really like my porridge and tuna rice salad concoctions, and I feel like they provide me with well-rounded meals.  Even though I had both multiple times during the week, I never felt unsatisfied by them.

This week also reminded me (again!) that I need to keep drinking water, even when I'm busy.  I bought a couple of bottles of mineral water to leave on my desk, and had a cup by my computer at all times.  I still didn't drink much over the week.  I'm starting to think that maybe either I don't need too much water to stay relatively hydrated, or else my food gives me enough water.  I know I should drink more, but I also don't think I feel thirsty very often.

Dinners were the hardest this week because I didn't really have any plans - just options.  By the time I got home, changed, and caught up with my boys, I was pretty tired and wasn't really very creative with what I ate.  I just tried to focus on having some protein and some greens, and maybe a little carbs.  It still took a bit longer than I wanted, and made me feel like a basically ate and then went to bed.

Any results?

When I think about results, I don't just mean the scales or measurements.  A big part of knowing that you are eating the right amounts and types of foods is based on how you feel.

I was tired this week, but I would probably say that is mostly because of my early starts and full on work days.  I ate when I was hungry, and ate more if I was still hungry.  It helped that I had a few yoghurts in the fridge to snack on.  I'm still nibbling trail mix on the train, but I'm pretty conscious of only eating until I'm no longer hungry.  I actually think it's often important for me to eat then though, and I've been always carrying a bag of trail mix (home made with whatever dried fruits and nuts I buy that week mixed together) in my work bag.

I have actually lost about 3kgs over the last few weeks.  I'm hoping this is more about my body finding some kind of balance in weight, because I honestly haven't been trying to eat less - just with more purpose.

I think I'm starting to get the hang of this intuitive type eating!  I just want to keep focused on it through the festive season, knowing that there will be temptations and just more food around.  I'll keep letting you know how I'm going!

How do you take on the challenge of festive season food?  Any intuitive type eating hints for me?  If you are wondering the same, I found Anne's recent post really valuable reading at this time of year - thanks Anne!

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