Monday, 29 December 2014

Not the Usual Eats This Week!

With a couple of days of work, then Christmas and being on holidays, my food this week was pretty abnormal!  But in a good way.  Although you can rest assured that there were lots of yummy treats of shortbread, gingerbread, chocolates, rum balls and a few glasses of wine that aren't documented here, there was also lots of really amazing food.  At this time of year, my philosophy is just to go with what is on the menu, and just try to be realistic about the amount of food I eat.  It helps when almost every mouthful is delicious!

As always, I have not listed every single thing I ate each day, just the main meals and highlights.



  • Breakfast My multigrain porridge with a peach, large skinny cappucino
  • Lunch Japanese wagyu beef set - sashimi, wagyu beef, rice, salad, tempura fish
  • Dinner Salmon and greens - bok choy, broccoli and onion pan fried

Although I forgot to take a picture, I met a friend out for lunch at Yuzu - my favourite CBD Japanese restaurant.  The food is fresh and flavourful. I also really like the sets because you get a little bit of all kinds of things.  I had a normal breakfast, and a normal dinner - especially considering the larger lunch.


  • Breakfast Large skinny cappucino, 62c egg special, with multigrain toast, two poached eggs, greens and goats cheese mousse
  • Lunch Tuna rice salad - rice and quinoa mix, with tomatoes, snow peas, corn, mixed beans, and tuna with chili 
  • Dinner Jamie Oliver smashed chicken breasts with garlic and lemon, with bok choy and asparagus, and couscous salad (couscous, corn, chickpeas, peas and onion)
I treated myself to a special breakfast for my last day of work.  I had to get the egg special from Kinfolk - it was a no brainer.  We had a group lunch in the office, so I used the last of my normal tuna rice salad ingredients I had on hand.  Gareth again took care of dinner - I'm a spoilt girl!


  • Breakfast My multigain porridge with peach, and nespresso coffee
  • Lunch Spicy tuna sushi (two rolls)
  • Dinner Slow cooked pork, with baked potato and broccoli salad (broccoli, beans, peas, slivered almonds and mustard mayonnaise)
My first day of holidays - woohoo!  I started the day in pretty standard fashion, but we were at my parents house for dinner.  Dad prepared an amazing slow cooked pork roast in the BBQ, and Mum put together a wonderful broccoli salad - I'm going to have to steal that recipe!  We tried to go easy, knowing Christmas was the next day.


  • Breakfast  Porridge of oats, LSA mix, sultanas, mixed spice and slivered almonds, skinny cappucino 
  • Lunch Christmas lunch!  Roast chicken, turkey, beef and pork, with roasted potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, green beans, honey carrots, cheese cauliflower and gravy
  • Snack Christmas dessert! Pavlova, trifle, pudding, custard and cream
  • Dinner Leftover Christmas dinner - roast meats, potatoes, pumpkin and sweet potatoes, garden salad and potato salad
Christmas Day!  I lined my stomach with porridge to start the day, which was especially important because we were up early, and would have been so easy to continually snack on all the amazing food around if I was hungry.  I enjoyed every bite of Christmas lunch, dessert and dinner, but I just had one plate for each.  In prior years, I would definitely have gone back for seconds!  But this way, I felt satisfied without feeling too bloated.


  • Breakfast Skinny cappucino
  • Lunch Rockmelon (half) with no fat yoghurt and some nuts
  • Dinner Indian takeaway - saffron rice, garlic naan, vegetable samosa, palak paneer (cottage cheese in spinach sauce), chicken kadai
I was actually really full on Friday morning, and I didn't feel like eating until later in the day.  Even then, I just went for something light in fruit and yoghurt.  By the evening I was hungry again though, and I enjoyed the Indian we had.  It was great to have something totally different from what I had been eating for the last couple of days.


  • Breakfast  My multigrain porridge as overnight oats with natural yoghurt and raspberries
  • Lunch  Lamb souvlaki and skinny cappucino
  • Snack  fresh pineapple
  • Dinner  BBQ steak, chicken kebab, garden salad
Back to semi normal eating on Saturday, and I enjoyed the lamb souvlaki from the market.  Because we had takeaway on Friday night, we decided to have a bbq dinner at home, which was great.   Lots of protein - good after a hard gym session that morning!


  • Breakfast  my multigrain porridge with yellow peach, short macchiato
  • Lunch Garden salad, cauliflower and chickpea salad
  • Snack  Dried fruit and nuts
  • Dinner  Classic chicken parmigiana with seasonal vegies
Sunday I got up late (for me), which meant that after a long run I didn't eat breakfast until 11am.  My whole day of eating was out of whack as a result.  After a really light lunch, I was a bit snacky all afternoon, but tried to keep it healthy with dried and fresh fruits and nuts.  Dinner was at a local pub 


For Christmas week, I feel like I ate pretty well!  I definitely at more than normal, and had lots of sweet treats because they were there, but I enjoyed healthy, home cooked food mostly, and just tried to listen to my body for when it wanted (or didn't want!) nourishment.  

I did notice that my sweet tooth has remained after rearing it's ugly head.  It is a hard time of year to really be vigilant about what you eat, so I just tried to not go overboard.  It helps that there is lots of amazing summer fruits around at the moment - rockmelon, cherries and pineapple are some of my favourites.

One good thing is that we don't really give each other lots of sweets and chocolates at Christmas any more, which means they are just not around to eat!  I'm happy about that. 

What's next

This week I want to get back into my normal eating routine, and enjoy more summer BBQs and salads. I think porridge will continue to be a feature - either hot or as overnight oats.  But being realistic, we will be out and about a lot more - especially for lunch - so I still want to enjoy the food I'm eating!

I also want to start to cut out the excess sugar again.  I'm happy eating fruits because they have other nutritional benefits, but there is no need to continue to have sweet biscuits, lollies and chocolate.  I will try to get back into the routine of having vegies as snacks instead.

Were you happy with your Christmas eats this year?  Did you let yourself enjoy your food, or do you feel some guilt about what you ate?

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