Sunday, 21 December 2014

Pre-Christmas Weekend ... But Nothing Christmas Related!

How has your last pre-Christmas weekend been?  Full of Christmas related activities?  Ours was strangely void of such activities.  Apart from avoiding the shopping centre craziness, we had a fairly normal, relaxed weekend.  And it was just what I needed to start getting into the holiday frame of mind!

Friday ...

Friday night was pretty exciting for us, because it was all about picking up Gareth's mum from the airport.  She has flown in from Dublin, which was more than 30 hours of travel in all.  But she looked amazing, and there has been no sign of jetlag!  I need to learn her secret :)

I had a quick dinner of sushi from the local supermarket pretty late - about 9pm.  And I pretty much just flaked after that!

Saturday ...

I started my weekend with a long run at the gym - 16km on the treadmill.  It felt pretty good, and I caught up on all the local news while I ran.  There has been a few terrible things happen in Australia in the last week, especially for this time of year.

Once I was done, I had a quick protein shake then headed out with the family for a dog walk with Angus.  He loves being the centre of attention!  It was a beautiful morning for a stroll around the neighbourhood.

When we got back I had a small breakfast of rockmelon with yoghurt, a couple of nuts, and a short macchiato.  It was perfect on a warm morning.

After I de-smelled and made myself presentable, we headed out for lunch (hence the small breakfast).  I was craving eggs, so I just had a basic poached eggs on wholewheat toast, with avocado, tomato and spinach.  Oh, and a large skinny cappucino.  Totally hit the spot!

Then we hit up an appliance store to buy a new dishwasher!  Ours died during the week (great timing), so used some of our wedding present money to buy a new one.  Hopefully this one lasts a bit longer than the last.  We wanted to have a decent water and energy rating for our budget, and we are feeling pretty good about our purchase.

We went to our local town centre for a bit of shopping (I picked up some cheap workout gear - always a bonus!) and to get a few supplies for dinner.  In the end we decided on homemade pizza.  One with pineapple, salami, avocado and olives, and the other with ham, mushrooms and some avocado.  It was a bit of a hit - except that the ham and mushroom stuck to the pizza tray, which might not be so non stick any more.

After dinner we settled on the couch with some wine to watch Lucy.  I'd been looking forward to it, but I wasn't particularly impressed.  It was intriguing at the start, but the end was a bit too weird for me.  I do want Scarlett Johansson's body though!

Sunday ...

Sunday morning I had a sleep in - I got up at 9am which is kind of unheard of!  I did a Michelle Bridges DVD (Project Shape Up) to get moving, and after cleaning the shower and me, I made my favourite Sunday morning breakfast - poached eggs on a wholemeal muffin with tomato, avocado and cream cheese.  Paired with a short macchiato = YUM!

After doing some washing, our new dishwasher arrived! It's so pretty!  We are strangely excited about trying it out.

We ducked out to get some more groceries for baking Christmas goodies later in the week, and a few supplies for a bbq dinner - we are planning a couscous salad, some lamb skewers, kanga sausages and steak.  I can't wait!

I also grabbed some more sushi for lunch - spicy tuna.  More yum!

I also nibbled on cherries throughout the afternoon - they are so good at the moment!  I think the rest of my evening will consist of maybe some present wrapping (a tiny little bit of Christmas this weekend then), and refreshing my nail polish.  Are you glad you read a blog about such an exciting person? :P

Was your weekend all about Christmas?  Or not so much?  What Christmas related activities did you get up to?

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