Sunday, 18 January 2015

Celebrating my Dad

This weekend we headed back to my family home in Ballarat to celebrate my Dad's birthday, which is during the coming week.  We are always happy to take an opportunity to spend time together and eat good food!

Here is a picture of me, my Dad and my sister at her wedding. Love these two!

Friday ...

After work on Friday night we went to a local pub for dinner.  I was a bad blogger and forgot to take photos, but I had a vegie burger.  It was a bit meh.  It felt like it was processed, and just heated up and slapped between a bun with some lettuce, tomato and cheese.  I at half the bun, and all the salad that came as a side.  I wouldn't order it again.

I did, however, remember to take a picture of after dinner wine and chocolates.  Priorities, people!

Saturday ...

Saturday I got up relatively early for a weekend, and hit the gym for a run on the treadmill. I did 20km in 2 hours.  I kept busy watching tv.  My preferred programs when running are cooking shows.  Is that weird?

I felt great after my run, because I had some Gu Chomps every half hour, drank a fair bit of water, and had some Powerade Zero when I got home to get the electrolytes back into me.

I also whipped up a HUGE bowl of porridge to refuel - oats, quinoa, amaranth puffs, mashed banana (love!), chia seeds, linseed, currants, mixed spice, and I added a nectarine and milk after it was cooked.  Yum!

After a quick shower and throwing a few clothes into a bag, we hit the road to my home town of Ballarat.  When we arrived, I had some sushi and a coffee to continue the refueling process.

Then we headed to the Ballarat Wildlife Park for the afternoon.  I haven't been there for years!  It's a small wildlife park, and one of the main attractions is the 80 or so kangaroos wandering free over the property.  You can purchase some kangaroo food and feed and pat them as you make your way through the park.  So fun!

We also checked out the Alligator feeding tour, and the Tasmanian Devil exhibit.

Apparently Tasmanian Devils suffer from a infectious facial cancer that is passed through blood and saliva between animals.  They are actually trying to keep a number of devils in captivity, but let the wild population become extinct, because it is the only way to eradicate the existence of the cancer.  These Tassie devils are some of the lucky ones living in captivity during this process.  We even saw a few baby devils.

We also saw a range of other animals, including wombats, koalas, tree kangaroos, echidnas, and lots of snakes and lizards (I took HEAPS of pics - these are just some of them!).

It was a really great afternoon!  I liked that it wasn't a huge park, because people of all ages can wander around without getting fatigued, or having to take breaks.  As I said, the best part was feeding the kangaroos.  Although you may hear otherwise, it's not something we get to do every day in Australia!  I would highly recommend visiting the park if you are in our area of the world.

After heading home for a rest and quick change,we headed out for dinner at a local pub - the North Britain Hotel.  We met up with my sister and her husband there.

After starting with wine and breads, we got into the serious business of the main course.

I will say that these meals were all HUGE.  Look at this Greek platter, which is supposed to be for one person!

I had Pan fried barramundi on lemon and thyme risotto.  I really liked the flavours, but it was very rich and filling - I only ate about half the risotto.

Which conveniently left room for dessert!  I went for a golden syrup pudding, which came with a free port.  Yes, I promise I'm only 33, not 73.  It was actually pretty light for a pudding - I'm not sure I could have fit much more in otherwise.

This wasn't my normal healthy fare, but for a treat night, it was still good quality, traditional food.

The night ended with watching tennis on tv and a peppermint tea - perfect!

Sunday ...

After our busy day, we had a slow Sunday.  We had a lazy breakfast (more porridge - I'll spare you another picture), we packed up and headed home.  I got stuck into changing sheets and towels, and washing.  I took a break for lunch, and just had some poached eggs on muffins with tomato and avocado.  Simple, yummy and filling!

My afternoon consists of more washing, blogging, and then I'll make some dinner.  I think I'm going with a homemade chow mein.  I might share it with you in the next few days if it turns out well!

Hope you had a lovely weekend - mine was the best!

What did you enjoy over your weekend?  What was your favourite meal?

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