Thursday, 22 January 2015

Finding Little Pieces of Happiness

I was talking to my friend, Lou, this morning over breakfast, and we were saying that it is the time of year where you can have a bit of trouble finding motivation and happiness in your daily life.  We've just had three weeks off work, spent Christmas and New Year with friends and family, and it feels like we are entering boredom land, ie. normal life.

It made me think about the little things in my life that bring me happiness.  Because there are many!  And it is just as important to appreciate and be grateful for these, as it is to appreciate the bigger events in our lives.

Here are some little pieces of happiness in my everyday life.

Remembering stashed chocolate

The other night we had a brain wave - we had stashed some treats we had purchased when we were in Hawaii for our wedding, and we haven't eaten them yet!  So we went on a hunt for our Hawaii treats, and found these sugar free dark chocolate coated macadamias.  Although it was yummy, it was also about bringing back the memories from our wedding trip.  Happiness!

A cup of good coffee

I drink coffee everyday, but I really appreciate a well made coffee that I can enjoy in a relaxed
atmosphere.  Often my coffee is drank over work emails.  This morning, I had a lovely cup of coffee from one of my favourite coffee shops, catching up with Lou.  Happiness!

A warm bath (with a glass of wine)

I haven't done this for awhile, but in winter I love running a warm bath on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, when the weather is cold and rainy.  I add something smelly and bubbly, pour myself a glass of wine, and soak in the warmth with a good book, or my iPod.  Happiness!

Blue summer skies

Although we rush around during the day, especially now that we are back at work, I think it is good for my soul to notice the world around me.  On a clear summer's day, this is the view from my office.  Happiness!

Clean bed sheets

We work pretty hard.  We have long days.  Although climbing into bed at the end of the day can be amazing as is, when you add some clean sheets to the mix, it's a little slice of heaven.  Happiness!

Fresh, ripe canteloupe

I love fresh fruit, and at this time of year, my fruit of choice is fresh, sweet rockmelon.  It has a bit more meat to it than watermelon, which also adds extra sweetness.  I'll cut a rockmelon in half, scoop out the seeds, and either eat as is, or chop up into pieces and top with Greek yoghurt and some nuts for crunch.  Happiness!

A hug from my Dad

Every girl will understand this one.  A Dad hug is the safest, warmest place in the world.  And my Dad's hugs are the best.  Happiness!

My dog Angus

I'm just a dog person, and Angus is my favourite one.  Whether he is cuddling up against my back on a cold night, running around like a crazy thing after a bath, getting super excited when you pick up his lead, or sprawling across my lap, he makes me smile.  Happiness!

Coming home to this man

Seeing this face at the end of my day.  Happiness!

What are your little pieces of happiness?


  1. Dogs are the best little pieces of happiness (: Mine is definitely my Rue girl (dog) and the occasional morning to sleep in.

    1. I couldn't agree more about dogs bringing you truckloads of happiness! And the sleep in is a good one ... I'll definitely add that one to my list! :)