Sunday, 11 January 2015

My Last Weekend of the Holidays

I kinda wish I could say we went all out and had a crazy last weekend of freedom.  But these days, a perfect weekend is spent with my boys.  What we do isn't so important!

Friday ...

I started my day with a bootcamp at home in my garage.  I just did the following exercises 4 times:

  • Skipping - 5min
  • Jump squats - 30sec
  • Tricep dips - 30sec
  • Pushups - 30sec
  • Crunches - 30sec
  • Plyometric lunges - 30sec
  • Bicep curls - 30sec
  • Shoulder presses - 30sec
  • Standing row - 30sec
  • Plank / prone cobra - 1min
  • Rest 1 min
It got my heart rate up, but I probably worked at a moderate intensity - I just wanted to move.

After my bootcamp, we went to our local town centre for a wander and to do some errands, while Gareth talked to a man about a job.  Afterwards we had some lunch at Coffee Club - I went for smashed avocado and feta with poached eggs. Yum!

A lazy Friday afternoon was in order, followed by a lazy dinner - corn on the cob, roasted tomatoes and broccoli, and lemon pepper chicken.  More yum!

I watched Water for Elephants for a while just because it was on tv.  But sleep got the better of me, and I crashed pretty early.

Saturday ...

I was kind of pumped for my long run on Saturday, and I did 18km on the treadmill in 1:48.  I kept it nice and slow, and it felt really good!  I had a couple of Gu Chomps during my run, and that made a big difference to how I felt.  I also had some Powerade shots afterwards, which helped me recover much better than normal. I have to remember that the  little things make a big difference!

After a quick porridge for breakfast, we headed to Highpoint to check out a movie on the rainy day.  We went to Nandos which was yum!  So was the self serve frozen yoghurt we took in when we saw Taken 3.  The movie was ok.  I didn't mind it, and if you liked the first two you'd probably enjoy it too, but it was nothing special.

Saturday evening was all about Indian takeaway, wine and a weird movie called Under the Skin.  It had really good reviews, but honestly, it was just a bit out there for me.  I'm obviously no movie expert, but I wouldn't see it again.

Sunday ...

Sunday was a rest day - woohoo!  So I slept in, then got busy with washing, grocery shopping, and normal weekend chores.  I made some mango and bran muffins which were pretty good!

After some blogging in the afternoon, I made lasagne for dinner.  Because it was all about being simple, I just used sauces from jars, but it was a pretty good brew!

And for dessert I made a simple berry crumble - frozen berries topped with almond meal, oats, and a little sugar rubbed in butter, and put in the over for about 40 minutes.  Simple, pretty healthy, and delish!

Now I'm facing the fact that I'll be back at work tomorrow morning.  Oh well, that's life I guess!

What was your favourite part of your weekend?  What are you looking forward to this week?

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