Tuesday, 13 January 2015

NROLFW Stage 4 Complete!

Wow!  I've just finished Stage 4 of the New Rules of Lifting for Women program, and I'm stoked!  I'm really starting to get in the swing of this training, and I can't wait for more.  Here are some of my previous stage reviews:

Stage 4 Overview

Stage 4 is a repeat of the Stage 2 exercises, except you do 2-3 sets of 8 reps for each exercises.  The core bodyweight exercises are also held for 120 seconds.  The intervals were back, but as usual I tended to do the intervals in my next run, rather than on the same day as my weights training.

The rest advised between each set is for 90 seconds.  As per the last stage, this was too long for me to squeeze in my workout before work, so I cut it back to 60 seconds.


Workout A 22/12/2014 5/01/2015
Front squat push press 20kg 25kg
Step ups 2 x 10kg db 2 x 12kg kb
Dumbbell 1 point row 2 x 10kg db 2 x 10kg db
Static lunge, rear foot elevated 2 x 12kg kb 2 x 14kg kb
Push up Feet elevated Feet elevated
Plank BW BW
Cable horizontal woodchop 11.25kg 13.75kg
Workout B 24/12/2014 7/01/2015
Wide Grip Deadlift from box 40kg 40kg
Bulgarian split squat 2 x 14kg db 2 x 16kg db
Underhand lat pulldown 42.5lb 45lb
Reverse lunge from box with forward reach 8kg 10kg db
Dumbbell prone Cuban snatch 2 x 6kg db 2 x 7kg db
Swiss ball crunch 10kg plate 10kg plate
Reverse crunch BW BW
Lateral flexion Swiss ball Swiss ball
Prone cobra BW BW
Intervals - 1min work, 2 min recovery x 5 - -


I actually kind of enjoyed going back to doing exercises that I knew, so I could see how much stronger I had become.  As you can see, most of my increases over the stage were minimal, but they were there.  I'm finding it kind of hard to really push hard when I'm only doing each workout four times per Stage.  But I'm trying to move it forward.

Some of the exercises were getting me to a point where I need to make a big jump, but I'm not ready yet.  For example, the 40kg for deadlifts feels like a big move to go to 45kg.  Maybe I just need to take the plunge?  Some exercises are still just hard, like the Cuban snatch and reverse lunge with forward reach.

The planks and prone cobras were for 120 seconds, three times, and that was a killer!  For the first couple of workouts, I got through the first two sets, but the third I had to break down into two 60 second holds.  But by the end I was holding for the full 120 seconds - go me!

Also, for the other core exercises, I actually increased the number of reps I was doing per set.  I wasn't really sure how to increase the load of the crunches, etc any other way.  Any ideas to share with me??


I am making progress, especially if you compare these results to the results of Stage 2, doing the same exercises.  It feels slow, but it's coming along.  Doing 8 reps still feels like a lot and I didn't feel comfortable bumping up the weight too much if that is still what I was trying to achieve.  Stage 5 has only 4 reps per set, so I might see how I go pushing the weight up more.  I'm excited to give it a try!

The biggest challenge for me for Stage 5 is getting back into waking up at 5am again to get my sessions in each week.  Urgh.  But once I'm there, I plan on rocking it!

What time of day do you do your weight training?  How much do you rest between sets?

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