Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Recent Recipe Love

Hello!  The weather has cooled a little here, which is making it perfect for my last week of holidays before heading back to work.  I did drop in to the office for a few hours on Monday afternoon, but I kept it short and sweet.

I thought I'd share a few recipes that I've tried lately and really loved.  Well, one I 95% loved, but with a slight adjustment I would make it again.

Cypriot salad

George Calombaris is an Aussie chef who has developed quite a name for himself in Greek cuisine.  He's also one of the judges on Masterchef Australia.  So when my sister first made the Cypriot salad from his restaurant, Hellenic Republic, I knew it was going to be good.

The base of this salad is parsley, coriander, freekah and lentils, a grain similar to quinoa. It is fresh and wholesome. But what really tops it off is the yoghurt dressing, which has honey and cumin in it.  It is a hearty salad, and a great substitute for other carbs.  The recipe makes a huge batch, and it lasts for quite a few days.

I couldn't find freekah when I wanted to make it, so I used quinoa instead.  I also overcooked the lentils slightly - something to keep in mind if you give the recipe a try.

Lemon and parsley baked salmon

After making the Cypriot salad, I had leftover parsley.  So I just googled parsley and lemon salmon, and I found this recipe.  It was super easy - just chop up parsley, and gently toss in olive oil, salt and pepper, and sprinkle over lemon slices atop the salmon fillets before baking as normal.

I didn't have any dill, so I left it out, but it was still a great flavoured baked salmon dish.  Something easy to give a try!

Strawberry cheesecake

For New Year's Eve I wanted to make something special for dessert, and Gareth requested strawberry cheesecake.  I prefer chilled cheesecake to baked, so I found this Nigella lemon cheesecake recipe to use as my base.

I left out the lemon, and instead just swirled through strawberry sauce I found at the supermarket. I split it into four small cheesecake tins - the ones with the removable base.  The biscuit base was really nice, crunchy but still easy to remove from the tin.  The only issue I had with the recipe was that the filling didn't set.  Although the recipe didn't ask for it, next time I would add a little gelatine to help it set a bit better.  The flavour was good though!

Mexican black bean burgers

I love love love black beans, and you can't find them too many places in Melbourne, so I cherish them when I have some.  After a week of red meat (at least that's how it felt) we all wanted something a bit lighter for dinner on Sunday night.  So I made Jamie Oliver's Mexican black bean burgers.

I followed the recipe pretty much exactly, except I didn't see the bit about letting the burgers sit for an hour in the fridge before cooking.  So we just threw them in the pan as is, and it didn't seem to matter too much.  They were good!

Paired with burger salad toppings, some left over yoghurt dressing from the Cypriot salad, and some home baked sweet potato fries, we were all licking our lips during this meal.  I'd definitely make these again!

Let me know if you give any of these recipes a try, and what you think if you do!

What is a favourite new recipe you've made lately?  

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