Thursday, 29 January 2015

Signing Up For My First Race of the Season, and February Goals

Yesterday I took the plunge and registered for my first run of the season!

Run for the Kids is a 15.5km Melbourne run that starts in Kings Domain, takes you through the Domain Tunnel, on to the Westgate Freeway,then up over Bolte Bridge with amazing views of the city!  Then it heads into the city via Docklands, Southbank, and onto St Kilda Rd, to finish in the Alexandra Gardens.  You get to run on a bunch of roads that you wouldn't normally get the chance to, which I think is pretty fun!

I'm pretty excited, but I always get a bit nervous when I enter a race, because there's no backing out now.  Which is exactly why I did it - I need a bit of incentive to make my running more of a priority again.

My goal for the run is get a time of between 1:20 and 1:30.  This will put me on track for the type of times I'm looking to run in some other races later in the year.

It also ties in nicely to setting some February goals!  I have been feeling like I haven't quite gotten back on track since the holidays, so February is going to be the month that I focus on my health and fitness, and making healthy decisions the norm.

1. Set up a training program  

I have a pretty good foundation, and I want to keep up my strength training, so here is the program I've set up.  The main feature is to have a couple of speed sessions each week to try to increase my pace.

The first week is pretty easy because it has been pre-scheduled as a rest week from my NROLFW strength training.  I'll probably try to do a few circuits or bootcamp sessions instead.  I might even see if there are some classes at my gym I can check out.

2. Have a sugar free February

Yesterday I had a bit more sugar than normal, and was reminded how bad sugar makes me feel!  I woke up with a festy mouth and a mild headache, as well as being extra tired.  I've been indulging more than I used to in sugary foods, so I'm going to try to reset my taste buds.  This means I will avoid all products with more than 5g of sugar per 100g.  This includes a lot of fruits - especially dried fruits.

3. Have less alcohol in February

Although I'm all for a drink or two, I feel like the last month there's been a drink or two most nights.  I want to scale that back to only having alcohol two nights a week.  And when I say 'have alcohol', I'm not a big drinker, so that means maybe 2 glasses max in a sitting.  I was contemplating an alcohol free February ... but I think that's a bit more drastic than is required.

4. Eat meals starring clean vegetables, protein and healthy fats

I actually feel really great when I limit my carbs, especially in the evenings.  I sleep better, I wake up brighter, and with more energy to tackle the day.  If I focus on meals full of vegetables, proteins and healthy fats, especially later in the day, I'll feel full, get lots of great vitamins, minerals and nutrients, and fuel my body with clean, real whole foods.  This can only be good for me!

Please note: it is Gareth's birthday, and Valentine's Day this month, so although I will be trying to stick to these goals, I may make exceptions on these days.

Wish me luck!

Do you have February goals?  What are they?  Big or small!

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