Thursday, 1 January 2015

Thinking About 2015 ...

I'm not a big new year's resolutions person.  In the past I have sometimes thought about a few things that I wanted to do in the coming year.  But as I get older, I think I believe more about long term change, and taking opportunities as they arise.

I have been reflecting on where I am in my life, and what is important to me.  So instead of resolutions, I think I want to approach 2015 by focusing on the things that are meaningful and bring me happiness and joy in my life.  Kind of like guiding principles.  If I use these to help make decisions, I should be in for a pretty good year.

My Marriage

We are still newly weds and figuring this whole marriage thing out.  I'm looking forward to spending a lot more time with my main man next year :)

My Family

As each year passes, my family becomes even more important to me, and I want to spend as much time as I can with everyone.  One of the really cool things about getting married (and my sister getting married too!) is that there is even more family to enjoy these days.  And let's not forgot those people who are your chosen family - the close friends who make your life better just by knowing them.

My Health

I am just getting going on my healthy living journey, and I want this coming year to be even better and healthier than last.  One of the amazing things about being healthy is the confidence it gives you to get out there and live life.  So my choosing health, I'm choosing life, and I want more in 2015.  So more vegies, more real foods, and more fitness and activity will be what I'm planning for the coming year.

My Running

I am still really a newbie runner, and I have a lot more running to do.  2014 was a bit of a disappointment because I hurt my knee, but on the other hand, I developed a real love of strength training, and have built up a good foundation for running in 2015.  I know I want to run at least a couple of half marathons in 2015, and the rest is yet to be seen (here are some of the races I'm considering).

My Soul

These two make my soul happy :)

I believe that soul happiness is the key to contentment.  Knowing that you are living in a way you are proud of, that is fulfilling and meaningful, and that is being true to yourself has to the way to true happiness.  For me, inner peace is also so important to my happiness.  Seeking those moments in life of complete focus, quiet reflection and humility are what I will be hoping to find.

Sitting in comfortable silence with my boys brings me deep happiness.  As does the moment at the end of a dawn run when all you can hear is your breathing, heartbeat and maybe a morning bird.  Seeing an amazing sunrise (or sunset).  I want to take these moments in 2015 and cherish them.

My Blog!

RealGirlRunning has quickly become a sense of fun, accomplishment and fulfillment to me.  I enjoy sharing my love of health and fitness, and I also like sharing my life with you all.  I'm excited about where we can go together in 2015!

What will be your guiding light for 2015?  What in your life brings you moments of true happiness?

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