Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Wednesday Weekly Workout Recap

When I was thinking about what I might want to change about my blog, I realised that for a blog with running in the title, I haven't been talking about my workouts too much!  So I thought once a week I would share the workouts I have done in the last week.  As you know, I've been pretty focused on strength training lately, but I have still been running three times a week.

Last week (31 Dec to 6 Jan)


New Rules of Lifting for Women Stage 4, Workout A.  This workout includes squats, push press, lunges, single leg rows, push ups, planks and cable pulls.  In this workout I increased the weights in my push press, and single leg rows.  I'm really struggling with the 2 minute planks at the moment - I can really feel it in my back.  The last set I did 1 min x 2 instead.


10km treadmill run in 60 minutes, but on a hill program, ranging from 0-4% inclines. I like to keep some hill training in my week, as a great substitute for speed training.  I really feel like I'm starting from the beginning with hill training though, so I kept the inclines pretty easy.  Slow and steady wins (my) race.


New Rules of Lifting for Women Stage 4, Workout B.  This workout includes deadlifts, lunges, lat pull downs, reverse lunge with shoulder press, crunches (weighted and side on swiss ball, and reverse), and prone cobras.  The deadlifts are wide on a step, which really makes you work through a full range of motion.  The reverse lunch with shoulder press is also a killer - I always feel like my shoulders are weak anyway.  This workout is pretty focused on abs too, and holding the prone cobras for 2 minutes really gives me the shakes by the end.


Rest day!  It was going to be a long run day, but it was 40-something degrees and I didn't want to die.


Rest day!  After a night out with my husband, and maybe an extra glass or two of wine than I should have, I was just being lazy really :P


New Rules of Lifting for Women Stage 4, Workout A.  This workout includes squats, push press, lunges, single leg rows, push ups, planks and cable pulls.  I'm almost at the end of this stage, so I was trying to push the weights to the next level.  I managed to increase for the lunges, cable pulls, and I did full push ups with my feet elevated.


15km treadmill run in 88 minutes.  I wanted to make up a little for skipping my long run on Saturday.  I moved the pace up and down every half a kilometer or two, which mostly just helps fight the boredom.  My knee was very slightly starting to twinge by the end, so it was a good time to stop.

Next Week

This coming week I'm going to try to stick to my normal 6 days a week of training.  Three runs, two weights, and one TBC.  I've been spoilt the last few weeks because of holidays - I've been getting up in a leisurely fashion, taking my time at the gym, and having a late breakfast.  My normal 5am (or earlier!) start from Monday being back at work is going to be a very rude shock to my system.

Over the next week I want to decide on the races I want to participate in this year, develop a running training program, and incorporate in my strength training.  And next week, I start Stage 5 of NROLFW, which I'm excited about!

Oh, and I've had it at the back of my mind that I want to have a few strengthening exercises I complete each day, focused on some key muscle groups I want to strengthen - glutes, hamstrings, chest and abs.  I will put together something this week to address this too.

Do you want to hear about my workouts?  In more or less detail?   What has been your favourite workout in the past week?

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