Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Wednesday Weekly Workout Recap

After doing my first Weekly Workout Recap last Wednesday, I've decided I like having this record of my training.  So here it is again for your reading pleasure.  Or at least vague interest.  I enjoyed my week of training!  I had a solid week, where I did what I set out to do.  You can't ask for much more than that.

Last Week (7 Jan to 13 Jan)


New Rules of Lifting for Women Stage 4, Workout B.  This workout includes deadlifts, lunges, lat pull downs, reverse lunge with shoulder press, crunches (weighted and side on swiss ball, and reverse), and prone cobras.  I always do a 12-15min jog to warm up too.


10.5km treadmill run in 60 minutes, doing some pyramid speed sets.  I did the following for 60 minutes: 1km @ 10kph, 1km @ 10.5kph, 0.5km @ 11kph, 1km @ 10.5kph, then repeat.  It gives me both rest and more intense periods in my run, and also makes it way more interesting!


My Garage Bootcamp.  My bootcamp went for about 50 minutes.  I started with 5 minutes of skipping, then did each of the following for 30 seconds: jump squats, tricep dips, pushups, crunches, plyometric lunges, bicep curls, shoulder press, bentover row with dumbbells, then 1 minute of either plank or prone cobra (alternating).  I repeated four times, with an extra 5 minutes of skipping at the end.  I just wanted to move, and this was a nice, moderate intensity workout.


Long run - 18km treadmill run in 108 minutes.  I just set the treadmill at 10.5km per hour, put my headphones into the tv, and zoned out.  What I did do better this week was fuel and hydrate!  I drank more water (sipping more frequently), I had some Powerade Zero after my workout, and I had some Gu Chomps after every 30 minutes.  I felt SO much better after my long run than I have in a while.


Rest day!  My long run yesterday left my legs a little sore, so although I had a rest day, I actually wanted to move around a lot - I couldn't settle.


New Rules of Lifting for Women Stage 5, Workout A.  This workout includes Dumbbell snatch, single leg deadlift, bentover row, single arm overhead squat, incline chest press,  plank and reverse woodchop.  I was only doing 4 reps per set, and I did 3 sets of each exercise.  I did my plank holds for 120 seconds.  I really liked reducing the reps, and really trying to up the weight.  I was supposed to do two short and sharp plyometric circuits too, but I ran out of time.


10.6km treadmill run in 60 minutes, doing some pyramid speed sets.  I did the following for 60 minutes: 1km @ 10kph, 1km @ 10.5kph, 0.5km @ 11kph, 0.5km @ 11.5kph, 0.5km @ 11kph, 1km @ 10.5kph, then repeat.  I ran a bit further because overall I ran faster.  I felt pretty strong during the faster half kms.  I enjoyed this workout!

Favourite Workout?

Probably my Monday NROLFW workout.  I'm digging low reps with higher weights!

Next Week

I have been pretty happy with my last week of training, and I'm hoping to keep the momentum going now that I'm back at work.  I know that I feel better, am more positive and have more energy when I start my day with a workout.  Sometimes that can be hard to remember at 5am though!  I just have to get back into going to sleep at a decent hour (ie. grandma bed times) so I can get enough sleep, and get my workouts in before work.  I've done it before, so I'll do it again!

I haven't locked down my race calendar for the year yet.  I'm not quite ready to pull the trigger and commit.  That means I also haven't planned out a training program.  At the moment, I'm pretty happy with three days of running and three days of weights each week.  I just try to slowly build from week to week.  Hopefully I can get a bit more organised this week.

I'm working on a couple of personal fitness goals that will probably impact both my overall training program, but also my planned 'mini workouts' - a few exercises I want to include each day to target specific muscle groups.  It's still on my radar ... but TBC for now.

What has been your favourite workout in the past week?  Do you prefer running or weights (or something else)?

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