Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Ten Things I'm Lovin' Lately

I'd like to think that I'm a pretty easy going girl, who doesn't need anything amazing to be happy.  Here are a few things that I'm loving lately!

Green juices / smoothies

I am a huge fan of vegies, so any time I can get in some extra leafy greens, I'm on board!  I'm currently slurping down vegie juices and smoothies whenever I get the chance.  My tip is to ask for a little mint to be added to your green vegie juice - makes a world of difference!

My nail polish

I'm not a particularly girly girl.  My one girly indulgence (as opposed to expectation ie. leg shaving) is to paint my nails - fingers and toes.  At the moment, I'm working my way through a bunch of bright colours.  I do it myself, so it doesn't cost me heaps, and I get a little happiness out of seeing a flash of colour on my fingertips.  And it's not just me - one of the girls I work with says when she comes into work for the week, she likes to check out my nail colour of the week!  So really, I'm spreading a little happiness too :P

Vegemite on toast

I know ... only an Aussie would understand this.  But piping hot toast, smothered in butter (the real stuff), and a decent spread of Vegemite, and I'm eating a little bit of Australian heaven.  I go through phases of loving toast, and I'm currently in love.

Huge salads

I have switched my work lunch to big huge lettuce salads, and I am looking forward to them every single day!  I just pile a bunch of lettuce / spinach / rocket into a bowl, then work my way through the toppings in my fridge.  Lately that has been avocado, tomatoes (cherry if possible), avocado, onion (any kind), beans (this week - chickpeas), corn kernels, sugar snap peas (or snow peas / cucumber etc), and top with a tin of flavoured olive oil tuna.  I don't even need any other dressings!

My Gear Fit

I'm still obsessed.  I sleep with my Gear Fit on.  That's how obsessed I am.

My Kobo

Reading is my escape in the world.  I read fiction precisely because it isn't real.  And my little Kobo takes me there.  I think I've had my Kobo for about 3 years, so he's a little old, but he goes everywhere that I might have a few minutes to read - my commute, my hairdressing appointments, to bed, over a coffee.  I also love that I can browse the Kobo app on my phone to buy books, which I download from my account on to my Kobo later. So easy!

Long summer evenings

I do love summer time.  I can sit outside after dinner and enjoy the beautiful temperature and sunset.  In this case, blogging.  At least, until the bugs come out to attack!


Figs are back in season!  I'm SOOO excited.  Be prepared for an influx of fig related eating my yours truly.

Cleanskin wines

I'm no wine connoisseur.  I know the wines I like (Merlot, Pinot Noir, or a Shiraz if I want something heavier), and with so many amazing wineries in Australia, we have an abundance of clean skin wines - wine that comes from reputable wineries, but are just blank labelled.  I found a Merlot recently that I really like - an easy, any night kind of table wine, from South Australia.  And it's only $5 a bottle!  It's a regular on my grocery list.

My daily quote

I like to have a desk calendar on my work desk, with something to have a look at daily.  Last year, I had a running quotes calendar.  This year, I have a daily motivational quote.  Usually, I can find a way to make the quote meaningful on that day.  Usually.  But if not, it's a really happy looking quote page that is just pretty to look at for the day.

What are you loving lately??

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