Sunday, 1 February 2015

The End of January Weekend

After saying goodbye to Gareth's Mum on Thursday night, which is always hard, we were ready for a pretty quiet weekend.  So here's what we got up to.

Friday ...

We didn't have much to eat at home, so I picked up a couple of burritos on the way home.  We both got whole wheat, pulled pork burritos with the works.  Yum!

We just watched the Australian Open Men's semifinal between Djokovic and Wawrinka until we fell asleep, soon after the end of the third set.

Saturday ...

Saturday was long run day, and I hit the treadmill.  My goal was to run for two hours, which I did a couple of weeks ago, but I wanted to do it a bit faster. I ended up running a half marathon (21.2km) in 2 hours.  Although this is slower than what I want to be running later in the season, for now, I'm really happy with that run!  My knee pulled up well, which was the best thing.

I hot footed it home to refuel.  A smoothie with spinach, two strawberries (all we had left!), peanut butter, oats, linseed, chia seeds, and some milk.  It was pretty yum!

I paired it with a slice of banana bread, a couple of glasses of Powerade Zero, and a short macchiato.  Hitting all food groups!

After a shower (which included a bit of a stretch - it is so nice to stretch in the warm water), we headed out to visit my friends' new restaurant called BurgerBurger for lunch.  It is about 45 minutes for us, but it was definitely work the drive!

Apart from catching up with Leena, baby Dilan and Nesh, the burgers were SOOO good.  The brioche buns melt in your mouth!  I had the Cam - baa - baa - well burger, which is lamb, halloumi, grilled onions, lettuce and beetroot.  Definitely finger-licking yumminess!  And filling - but I think I earned it that day :)

Chicky Canterbury burger 

Cam-baa-baa-well burger


We just headed home after that, and I even had a nap.  I actually think I hadn't refueled the best after my run, and I was feeling a bit off. A sleep helped though!

Then, in honour of the last night before I start my February goals, we got pizza delivered from Vivere.  My pizza had salami, ham, pineapple,  tomato, onion, olives and capsicum.  A good mix of sweet and savoury.

We watched a little of the Australia Open Women's final, but then switched to watch Guardians of the Galaxy.  Although we couldn't see it in HD (which Gareth still isn't over), it was a really good movie!  Light hearted, mix of humour, action and sci-fi - all things I enjoy.

We might have also had a Magnum - Ego Caramel for me - and a glass or two of wine. In bed by 11pm!

Sunday ...

Sunday I started with a run, mostly to stretch out my legs after my long run on Saturday.  I did a slow and steady 7.5km in 45 minutes.  My legs were a little heavy at the start, by I felt ok by the end.  Afterwards I had some watermelon and banana bread.  I'm liking this combo for breakfast!

We headed out to get in some grocery shopping, and them sushi was on the menu for lunch.  I had crunchy beef teriyaki.  Yum!

In the afternoon, Gareth watched a UFC fight on tv, whilst I did some blogging and washing.  Dinner is going to be a roasted vegetable frittata.  I'm looking forward to the meat free meal!  I'll share it with you later in the week ... if it works!  And I'll be checking out the Australian Open Men's final this evening.  Go Murray!

Oh, and I had a snack of popcorn in the afternoon - to keep with my no sugar February.

Hope you had a good weekend too.  Welcome to February!

What was the best thing about January for you?

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