Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Weekly Workout Recap: A GREAT Week!

I feel really good about my last week of workouts.  I did what I set out to do.  I went hard, and gave all I had.  I also listened to my body and made a couple of adjustments to the plan, and was all the  better for it.

Why can't every week of training be like this?  :)

Last Week (11 Feb to 17 Feb)


NROLFW Stage 6 Workout B. This was my first go at this workout. It includes reverse lunges with a single dumbbell on your shoulder, two point dumbbell rows, dumbbell push press, back extensions and reverse incline crunches.  Although it was a relatively short workout - two sets of ten reps for each - I was definitely feeling it by the end.  Especially the incline crunches - serious lower ab action going on!


10km treadmill run in 60 minutes, with hill program.  Although I slept in that day, I made myself hit the gym after work, and I was very glad I did.  I had a pretty good run!  I did a progressive hill run, but went to the highest incline yet - I think the BIG hill was at about 4.5%.  I was definitely fatigued by the end, but in a satisfied way.


NROLFW Stage 6 Workout A. I did negative pull ups, reverse lateral pulldowns, Bulgarian split squats and push ups.  For the pulldowns, I did 10 sets of 2 reps at a heavy weight, but this time the rest dropped to 45 seconds.  That made a big difference to my fatigue levels!  I am still trying to build back up my push up conditioning, so even though I was only supposed to do two sets of eight reps, I pushed (get it??) to go with ten reps each set.  I'm hoping it pays off!


Rest day!  Although I had planned on doing my long run, I woke up with a bit of a headache, and decided to swap my weekend workout plans.  Good call.


Long run - 23km treadmill run in 138 minutes.  I wanted to see if I could go longer, so I kept the pace slow, and just plodded on. Although I was secretly aiming for 25km, I hit the 23km mark and knew that was enough for the day.  Powerade Zero, energy gel and a few snakes kept me fueled and hydrated.


NROLFW Stage 6 Workout B.  This workout includes reverse lunges with a single dumbbell on your shoulder, two point dumbbell rows, dumbbell push press, back extensions and reverse incline crunches.  We moved into three sets of eight reps for the first three exercises.  I aimed to increase the weight so that by the end of the sets I was wiped.  Success!


9km treadmill tempo run in 50 minutes.  I was actually surprised at how good this run felt, considering I was still feeling a bit tired from Sunday.  I let myself do progressively increasing time periods at the tempo pace (11kph), with 5 mins slightly slower in between. I felt better at the end than I did at the start!

Favourite Workout?

The NROLFW Stage 6 Workout B.  It's a power workout - I hit a bunch of big muscles concurrently, and I really feel like I get the most out of my time.  But all my runs were good this week - it's not often you can say that!

Next Week

I was really happy with my commitment to my workouts this week. I did what was on my plan, and although I made a few adjustments to timing based on how I was feeling, I was able to tick every box.  That was very satisfying!

I'm actually really liking the short NROLFW workouts for this stage.  I feel like I can get into it, go hard, and walk away knowing I've given my all.  It's very satisfying!  I always like dropping the reps and increasing the weight, so I'll be happy to keep heading in this direction with next week's workouts.

I'm also just hoping I can keep up my running momentum!  I'm feeling good on my runs.  Fingers crossed it stays that way!  It really reminds me why I love running, and why I keep running.

What / when was the last great run / workout you had?  What made it great?

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