Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Weekly Workout Recap: Let's Call it a Draw

So after a great week of training last week, this week I was back to being a bit all over the place.  Getting up in the mornings has been HARD, especially when Gareth and Angus get to sleep in - it's pretty tough to leave a warm bed!  I still got through most of my planned workouts, so I guess we'll call it a draw for this week.

Last Week (18 Feb to 24 Feb)


NROLFW Stage 6 Workout A. I did negative pull ups, reverse lateral pulldowns, Bulgarian split squats and push ups.  For the pulldowns, I did 10 sets of 2 reps at a heavy weight, but this time the rest dropped to 30 seconds.  I'm finding with less rest, I'm having to drop the weight for the pulldowns to get through the 10 sets.  I am also dropping the reps and increasing the weight for the squats, and doing an extra set of the push ups.  It makes for a tiring workout!


Rest day!  I wanted to sleep.  So I did.


NROLFW Stage 6 Workout B, and 8km treadmill run with hill program in 48min.  I had the afternoon off work, so did a double session!  The NROLFW workout includes reverse lunges with a single dumbbell on your shoulder, two point dumbbell rows, dumbbell push press, back extensions and reverse incline crunches.  We moved into three sets of six reps for the first three exercises.  I continued to increase the weight so that by the end of the sets I was wiped.  THEN I decided to do a hill program on the treadmill, to make up for my missed session on Thursday.  Although I got through the run, I could definitely feel my legs getting heavy from the weights session.  I was pleasantly drained by the end!


5km run in about 28 min.  I was going to take the day off, but I felt like stretching my legs, so I did a quick lap of our neighbourhood.  It was a nice easy run!


Long run - 20km treadmill run in 120 minutes.  Boy, this was a tough run!  The first 10km my legs felt heavy and I couldn't get a good rhythm.  I almost quit after the first hour, but decided to just try to make it to 15km.  During that next stage, I started to feel better, and made it to 20km.  I was very happy when I got off the treadmill though!


Rest day!  Umm yeah.  More sleep was required.  I'd like to think it was because of my long run the day before, but mostly it was because both my boys were sleeping in, and I wanted to cuddle with them a bit longer.


NROLFW Stage 6 Workout A. I made myself go to the gym after work, knowing this was a pretty short workout, and I was happy I did.  It included negative pull ups, reverse lateral pulldowns, Bulgarian split squats and push ups.  For the pulldowns, I did 10 sets of 2 reps at a heavy weight, but this time the rest dropped to 15 seconds.  I really had to pull back on the weight.  I was feeling a bit tired, and not strong - do you know what I mean?  I just did the best I could, even though it probably wasn't as well as I had been doing on this workout previously.

Favourite Workout?

Probably my double session on Friday, mostly because I wasn't in a rush, and I felt like I could really make the most of my gym time.  It helped that I was happily wrecked by the end!

Next Week

This week was another tough-ish week.  It is a big fat slap on the cheek reminder about why I get up in the mornings to train.  My body just doesn't respond as well in the afternoons, and I feel SO much better for the rest of the day after hitting the gym early.  Now, how I can I remind myself of that when my alarm goes off pre-5am??

I've been pretty surprised to see how much difference your rest between sets actually makes when I've been doing the lat pulldowns.  15 seconds is nothing at all, and my body knows it!  I know that it can be good to push your body to work with little rest on occasion, but it wouldn't be my preference.  Rest is good people - don't you forget it!

I think for the next few weeks I'm going to try to focus more on speed for my runs, rather than distance, in preparation for my 15km race in about a month.  I know I can run long, but I really want to run a bit faster.  So that will be my goal over the next few weeks.

Do you prefer to run long or run fast?  What is you favourite distance to run? Why?

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