Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Weekly Workouts Recap: Looking Better

I had a better week of workouts this week!  This was my actual recovery week, so I had a few recovery sessions in there, although I skipped one for a rest day.  I also got into Stage 6 of NROLFW and it is going to be TOUGH.  Which gets me a little excited.  Here are all the details.

Last Week (4 Feb to 10 Feb)


Rest day! This week I was having a rest week from weights.  Although I was planning on doing something else, that didn't happen.  I decided to listen to my body telling me it wanted more sleep, and rested another day.


9km treadmill run in 51 minutes, with random hill program.  After a day of rest, this run felt good!  I actually set the speed on the treadmill a little faster than normal - 10.5 kph, and let the treadmill's random hill program do the rest for me.  There were a few times when a high incline made me struggle.  But I was proud for pushing through.


Project Shape Up Workout DVD 50 min. Today was a rest or recovery day, so I did a moderate intensity workout dvd, that focuses on abs, butts and thighs.  I find if I really concentrate on squeezing my muscles through the exercise movements, I still get a lot out of the workout, without the stress on my joints.


Long run - 18km treadmill run in 108 minutes.  In the spirit of having a recovery week, I didn't push during my long run - I just wanted to have the time on my feet.  I was aiming for 15km, but felt good so I kept going for a bit longer.  I actually drank Powerade Zero while I was running this time, and I think that helped my recovery from the run.


7km dog walk (in total).  I thought about doing something more active, but it was a beautiful day, and I enjoyed going on a couple of walks with my boys.  I think my legs appreciated the stretch after my long run too.


NROLFW Stage 6 Workout A. Whoa!  This workout was a killer!  I did negative pull ups, reverse lateral pulldowns, Bulgarian split squats and push ups.  For the pulldowns, I did 10 sets of 2 reps at a heavy weight.  My arms were wrecked after this workout!  Even my legs were in a bit of pain from the split squats, and I've lost a bit of conditioning with push ups, so they hurt too.  It was a quick workout though - only about 40 minutes in total.


9km treadmill run in 50 minutes, with intervals.  Although I had a tempo run on my schedule, I decided to do intervals instead.  I did 1min fast, 2min rest, 2min fast, 2min rest, 3min fast, 2min rest, and repeated three times.  By the last set I was really having to be strong to finish.  But it felt good!

Favourite Workout?

The NROLFW Stage 6 Workout A on Monday.  It made my muscles burn, in the way only a really good workout can.  I'm becoming a big fan of low reps and high weight.  Hit me with it!

Next Week

I felt better about my consistency in training this week, but I still skipped a session I had planned (even though it was a recovery session).  I'm ok with it this week, but I don't want to repeat next week.  I'm planning on working out six days, and I want to achieve that.

I also am really looking forward to more of NROLFW Stage 6.  I think it is going to be tough!  But I'm really feeling like I want to push my strength.  The aim of Stage 6 is to see if by the end you can do a pull up.  I'm not convinced I will be able to, but I'm going to go hard and really give it a good old college try.

Can you do a pull up?  Did you have to work up to it?  What exercises did you do?  I need your secrets!

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