Tuesday, 3 March 2015

My March Goals

I really enjoyed sharing my February goals with you, because it mostly kept me accountable, and was a good reminder as the month progressed about what I was trying to achieve.  So - if you don't mind - I'm going to share my March goals.  This month I'll be running my first race of the season, so my workouts will be a combination of tapering, and then starting to get into serious half marathon training for July.

1. My Workout Plan

My race is towards the end of the month, so my workouts will be a combination of keeping up my New Rules of Lifting For Women program, a bit of tapering, and starting to get into a half marathon training program for future (yet to be registered) race in July.

For my running, I'll be trying to run faster initially, so I'll be pushing the intervals, tempos and hill runs.  Once my race is done, I'll go back to building my endurance in preparation for my half marathon. I still have to figure out this plan, so it's still TBC.

For my strength training, I've actually decided to repeat Stage 6 of NROLFW, because I really liked it, and I think I can build on what I've done so far.   Should be fun!

2. My goal race time - 1:25

Run for the Kids is 15.5km.  I'd love to try to do it in 1:25.  It's going to be a bit of a stretch, but I'll be doing what I can to make it happen!

3. Limit carbs from lunch onwards

In the last couple of weeks, I've gotten into the swing of reducing my carbs at lunch and later in the day, and replacing them with vegies.  Technically, I know they are carbs, but they have more nutritional value for their calories than other carbs.  And I just like them, and I feel SO much better when I limit my carbs.  So I'm going to keep this eating approach rolling.

4. Try some new recipes - 1 per week

I feel like I'm in a bit of a cooking rut, and so I want to try a new recipe every week.  It could be any meal or dish, but something new would be great!  I'll share with you.

5. Be more organised and take my meals to work

Although I've gotten into the habit the last few weeks of buying breakfast and / or lunch, this has not been good on my wallet.  We live in the real world, so my goal for the month is going to be to cut back on buying meals that, with a little organisation, I could bring from home and save myself some dough.  Now ... what should I take for breakfast? I'm struggling for ideas!

How do you save money on food?  Carbs - yay or nay?

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