Sunday, 22 March 2015

My Post Birthday Weekend With a Race

Hope you are all having a great weekend.  Mine has been the best of both worlds for me - family celebrations for my birthday, and running!  Here are the details.

Friday ...

We had the usual dilemma of what to eat on Friday night, and landed on Mad Mex burritos - chicken for me.

Then, because we had to get up early on Sunday morning for my run, we decided to watch a movie on Friday night - Jurassic Park!  I haven't seen it in years, and I really enjoyed it!  Maybe with a glass of wine and dessert too.

Saturday ...

Saturday was a rest day for me, which meant I got to go on a family dog walk for an hour - what a lovely way to start my weekend!

Home to a smoothie and toast for breakfast.  I used bok choy leaves in this smoothie, because it was all we had, and it was fine!  I'll be doing that again.

The I got all prettied up to go and celebrate my birthday with my family!  We went to Bacchus Hill Winery in Bacchus Marsh - about 40 minutes away.

There were amazing views of the winery and neighbouring farms.  It was gorgeous weather!

And this was a pretty good view too!

With some garlic bread on the side.

Just a tip - if you ever go to this winery, and they have a hot pizza, they mean BUSINESS!  It was a volcano pizza, and had three different chilies and a chili oil sauce.   It was good, but borderline painful.  We really should read the menu a bit more carefully!  And we had an asparagus salad on the side to share.

I got TOTALLY spoilt by my family ... beautiful native flowers ....

An indoor plant, with an amazing flower (I promise to try to not to kill it Mum and Dad!) ...

A body lotion kit ...

A very timely magazine rack (because my running / health magazines were at risk of taking over our kitchen bench) ....

And all you need to make waffles!  I'm super excited about this!

Totally feeling the love :)

When we got home, I got into some washing, and got ready for my race!  Which included putting my race bib on my tank ...

And putting on my fake tattoo!  I think I liked this too much ..

Then we had our weekly debate about Saturday takeaway food.  I wanted something carby and easy to digest, so we went with Chinese - fried rice, singapore noodles and sweet & sour chicken, from a new place - Maymee Kitchen.

It was ok, no complaints (they even delivered before their estimated time), but just nothing earth shattering.

Our movie of choice was 300: Rise of an Empire.  It was Gareth's pick, which was fair enough, given I was dragging him out of bed early on a Sunday for my race.  We both compromised this weekend :)  (PS. I have a girl crush on Eva Green!)

Sunday ...

Sunday we were up bright and early to get into the Melbourne CBD for Run for the Kids!  We may  not have looked bright and sparkly, but the wonderful morning helped.

I'm ready!

I had a really good run, and I'm happy.  I ran about what I expected, and felt good doing it - the best I can expect from a race!  I'll do a full race review later in the week.

Gareth and I trained it back out to our nick of the woods, then went to our favourite local cafe - Corinthians.  I started with a coffee (with a glass of water too!) ...

And then had their egg special - avocado and quinoa tabouli, on rye with two poached eggs.  It was big, but so was my appetite!  Hit the spot :)

Sunday afternoon was more washing, blogging and planning for the coming week.  I'm off to Sydney for work later in the week, so I feel like I have to get a bit more organised than usual.  Wish me luck!

What do you feel like eating after a race / event / big workout?  How was the weather where you are this weekend?


  1. Well done Alisha on the Run and so glad you had a fab birthday. Maybe one day you can teach me how it love running. Not sure I will ever be up to long stints but if you ever consider a trail race to mix things up and are looking for a partner I might give it a crack.

    1. Thanks Lindy! I would say that most people have a bit of a love hate relationship with running! In the end, we all just have to find the thing that works for us, whatever that may be. I might take you up on that offer ... :)