Thursday, 12 March 2015

NROLFW - Stage 6 Review

I've just finished Stage 6 of the New Rules of Lifting for Women, which means I only have one stage left!  It's crazy!  I really enjoyed Stage 6, although I don't think I achieved the desired outcome of being able to do a chin up.  I was tossing up whether to repeat the stage, but instead I think I'll go on to Stage 7, and then I can always repeat Stage 6 afterwards.

 I've given you a bit of a run down of the overall program before, and I have done reviews of the other stages, if you're interested:

Stage 6 Overview

This stage had one workout that was focussed on trying to be able to do a chin up, and the other was a more full body, compound exercise type routine.  I liked both! Workout A was focussed on low reps (1 to 2) and high sets and weights.  Workout B progressively built up the weight, and dropped the sets.  The last session of each of the workouts was a bit of a test to show you how far you had come - you used the weights from the second session, but did more reps.

It was interesting in Workout A to reduce the rest time between sets by 15 seconds each session.  It made a huge difference to the weight that I could lift for all ten sets.  Who knew!

The Exercises

Workout A
Negative chin upsBWBW
Underhand lat pulldowns54kg54kg
Barbell split squat29kg34kg
Push upBWBW

Workout B10/2/20153/3/2015
Reverse lunge 1db on shoulder10kg16kg
Dumbbell 2 point row2 x 8kg db2 x 10kg db
Dumbbell push press2 x 8kg db2 x 10kg
Back extensionBWBW
Incline reverse crunchBWBW


It is a bit difficult to see the results from the above stats, but I was definitely feeling stronger doing these exercises by the end of the five rounds.  I could hold the negative chin up for longer - up to 20 seconds, but that still wasn't enough to do the illusive chin up!

I also felt like I made some real progress with the barbell split squat - I think I increased the weight by about 20kg over the first four sessions.  That exercise made me realise how tight my quads are too, especially on my left leg.  I struggled a little with the push ups, which is a bit sad, considering how many I've done - I seem to lose conditioning for them pretty fast.


I'm a tad disappointed that I still couldn't do a chin up - even though I know how incredibly difficult it is for women to do.  But all in all, I felt like I did improve in my strength in those exercises.  I liked the compound exercises that worked your whole body - a very efficient use of my time.  These workouts were SHORT - about 25 to 30 minutes for each.  It was a bit of a relief to be honest.

I had been considering repeating Stage 6, because I found it very effective, and I enjoyed it!  But then I thought I would finish the NROLFW program, and afterwards I can repeat Stages to my heart's content.  So, on to Stage 7 for me!  I'm almost done.

How often do you change your strength workout routines?  Do you think that makes a difference to your progress?


  1. That sounds like quite a workout! I think changing things up a bit keeps you motivated to keep going, even when its hard. Kudos on the commitment to the program!

    1. Thanks Kimberley! It was definitely a different way of working out for me and yes, it certainly keeps it interesting!