Thursday, 19 March 2015

Pre-Race Plan for Sunday

You may recall that I'm running in the 15.5km Run for the Kids event being held here in Melbourne on Sunday.  I'm at the stage where I'm starting to get both equally excited and scared about the run.  I'm starting to question my training and my expectations for the run.  Pre-race jitters if you will!  They always kick in during taper.

I thought I would share with you a little info about the event, and then my pre-race plans and preparation.

Race Overview

The 15.5km Run for the Kids race course is a fun one, but has a couple of challenges.  Firstly, the hills!  We actually run up and over the Bolte Bridge, which is cool because it's usually a pedestrian free zone, but is bad because it's a long incline to the top!  There's also a second hill at the bottom of Collins St in the CBD, which is not as long, but is probably steeper, and at the 12km mark, it's a bit of a killer.

I'm pretty comfortable I can go the distance, but I am a little bit hesitant about the pace I should go out at, and then be able to hold, especially with these hills.  I'm still aiming for 80-90 minutes, which is probably reasonable but not a PR time at all.

This Week


This week I have really cut back my exercise levels.  Firstly, I recognise that for a 15km race, I really don't need to taper too much - I've been running further pretty regularly at least once a week.  But I also want to feel fresh on the day, so I'm happy to be getting a little extra rest this week, even if I haven't been sleeping as well.

Strength Training

I have also stopped my NROLFW strength sessions this week, but the reason behind that is actually because I twinged my back doing deadlifts on Saturday, and I really just want to make sure I'm not doing anything to aggravate that this week.  Running is fine.  Lifting weights is a bit more questionable, so I'm just erring on the side of caution.


Although I will maybe eat some pizza on Saturday, I realise again that this race doesn't really require any kind of carb loading, because of the distance.  The day before the race I am having a birthday lunch with my family, so I just won't hold back and eat what I want.  Not that I wouldn't have done so in this situation anyway!  So ultimately, the race is not influencing my eating decisions much at all.


The main thing for me will be my fluid intake.  Both alcohol (limit, although not drinking any wine on a Saturday night is a tad hard!), and water - go hard!!  I'll also try to get to bed kind of early on Saturday night.  Again, annoying on a Saturday night, but it won't have to be too early because the race doesn't start until 8:30am.

Race Preparation

These capris??

Probably the most important thing for me is just being organised going into Sunday.  That means:

  • Make sure I have my race bib and enough pins to attach to my shirt.  I usually do this the night before, so I'm not playing with sharp objects when I'm full of adrenaline.
  • Re the above - decide on what I'm wearing!  I bought a singlet from the race shop, so I want to wear that, and the main question then is what capris will I wear.  I'm thinking the Puma capris I bought recently (I love to wear new stuff!).
  • I'm sticking with the running shoes I've been using for the last 6 months - Asics Kayanos.  They are just about on their last legs, but the first rule of racing is not to try anything new on race day, and that goes for shoes too!
  • I'll pack my race bag the night before, and include water, my phone arm band, a hat, my TomTom GPS watch, a couple of Gus, and a change of t-shirt, along with the usual wallet / keys etc.  I'm lucky that Gareth will be coming with me, and will look after my stuff, rather than me having to check my bag before hand.
  • I'll decide how we are getting to the race, and what time we have to leave.  Some of the normal streets will be blocked off, so we may even consider catching public transport into the city (which Gareth will hate, but might be necessary!).

I think after all that, I should be as ready as I'm going to be!  Wish me luck :)

Have I missed anything I need for the race???

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