Sunday, 8 March 2015

Sentence(s) per Picture Kind of Weekend

Hi!  I'm having a great weekend so far, what about you?

Seeing as I've still got another day of my weekend to go with tomorrow being a public holiday here, I just thought I'd share what I've been up to with pictures, so I can get back to hanging out with my family.

I hope you've had a good one!  I'll be back tomorrow :)

Friday ...

We found out Angus had fleas, and Gareth spent all day flea bombing our house.  Angus also had to have his bum shaved.  He was embarrassed.

Homemade chicken burgers Friday night for dinner!  I'm not sure I could pile any more toppings on top.

Saturday ...

Saturday morning I went out by myself for eggs and coffee, after my run and walking Angus.  I ordered smashed avocado with poached eggs on top, but the waiter apparently thought that was weird, and so was happy to tell me he made sure my avo wasn't smashed.  Oh well - it still tasted good.

After hitting the post office and grocery store, I decided to make something yummy for dessert - lemon tart!  My first attempt, and not too shabby - at least I think.

And in between getting all the washing done, I made some ice cream - vanilla choc chip (with three kinds of chocolate).  My husband's favourite!

Saturday night takeaway this week was Indian - but I went and picked it up from a local place.  We have learnt our lesson about ordering Indian food online!

And the Saturday night movie of choice was John Wick.  It is based on an anime (I think) and it was filmed like one!  It made it really interesting to watch - I liked it.  Except for when the puppy was killed :(

And then we had to have the lemon tart - it was yum!  Next time I'll make it in a smaller pan, so there's more lemon and less base per piece.  But good flavour!

Sunday ...

After walking Angus, my breakfast was a smoothie and a shot of coffee.  Hit the spot!

And then I hit the road!  I do like a road trip.

I met my family at The Farmers Place - a cafe and store about an hour from my house - outside Geelong.

Here's a little bit about The Farmers Place - we loved it!
We are passionate about the environment and adopting a ‘waste not, want not’ approach to life. Our food is sourced locally, reducing the associated food miles, and our menu is dictated by the seasons ensuring we make the most of what is abundant at the time. We are completely committed to recycling, using recycled materials wherever possible and to the demonstration of sustainable business practices (through our actions and by showcasing other businesses that are doing great things for the environment).

We got an assortment of salads (leek and beetroot), platters (dips and sausage) and a toasted sandwich, and shared between the four of us.  It was all GREAT food!

This was my Dad's coffee, and my Mum's comment was: "Is that a heart or a butt?"  You decide.

Then we went out and wandered the vegetable garden, and fields.  So many beautiful things to see and eat!

We decided we hadn't had enough time together, and it was still early, so we went into Geelong and parked along the waterfront.  We strolled ...

We looked at cars at the Geelong MG car show ...

 Then we ate frozen yoghurt while we strolled some more.

Then we waved good bye (thanks for a great day, family!), and I headed home to make black bean burgers for dinner - they are going to be great!

And the rest of my night will be sitting on my couch with my boys.  I love a long weekend!

What do you and your family like to do together?

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