Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Weekly Workout Recap: A Race Week

This week was a little abnormal, being immediately before and after a race.  There were lots of rest days, but this was planned, and well, needed!  It was worth it for my race, and it was also kind of nice to have a slow week.  I'm hoping that means I'll be raring to go next week!

Last Week (18 March to 24 March)


Rest Day.  And my birthday.  No guilt.


7km treadmill run in 39 minutes with long intervals.    I wanted to get in some long tempos to hold my proposed race pace.  I did 1km intervals, at paces from 10kph, increasing by 0.5kph, holding the pace at 11kph for 3 km in the middle.  It was good to really get set in my race pace, and to hold it. Happy with this workout in preparation for Sunday.


Rest day!  I like two rest days before a race, so this was also a day to sleep in.  Nice!


Rest Day!  Pre-race rest day.  Mandatory. But I did go with my boys on an hour long walk around the neighbourhood, which was a great way to stretch my legs.


Run for the Kids! 15.5km  run in 1:23:58  This race had quite a few hills, and I wasn't sure if I was ready for it, considering all my treadmill work.  But, I was pleasantly surprised that I came through the race well!  I want to get faster, but I'm confident with the distance.  I pulled up a little sore (mostly my groin and quads), but nothing too terrible.


Rest day! Post race recovery day.  I did go for a nice walk during my lunch break, and it felt good to stretch my legs.


Rest day! Post race recovery day number 2. I did another long walk in the middle of the day, and my legs are starting to feel almost back to normal.

Favourite Workout?

My race on Sunday!  I had a really good run, even though I was nervous because it's been about 10 months since my last race!  I felt strong on the hills, and I'm confident about the distance.  Now, I'm all about  increasing the speed.

Next Week

I'm going to be in Sydney for a couple of days, which probably won't allow for a workout.  I'm not too worried, as a post-race recovery week is fine by me.  I'll get back into both running and weights on the weekend and into next week.  I'm actually really looking forward to it!  It's amazing what a little rest can do for your attitude :)

What do your workouts generally look pre and post race?  

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