Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Weekly Workout Recaps, and It's My Birthday!

It's my birthday today!  I always enjoy celebrating birthdays, but I'm also at an age where the fact that it is my birthday is not really the point - I just want to spend time with my family and friends, and this is a good excuse!  My husband is making me dinner (I'm spoilt!), I went out to lunch with the girls from work, and I'm seeing my family on the weekend, so I think my excuse is working :)

On to my workouts for the week.

This week felt worse then it actually was.  I ended up doing my planned six sessions, but I feel like I'm struggling to get to the gym most days at the moment.  I'd almost rather do double sessions, and go to the gym one or two less days a week.  But saying that, I did what I wanted to do, and in the lead up to my Run for the Kids race on the weekend, I am in a good place to enjoy my run.

Last Week (11 March to 17 March)


7.5km treadmill run in 45 minutes on hill program.  I wanted to focus on these hills, and feeling strong and I had a good run!


NROLFW Stage 7 Workout 2.    This workout included incline bench press, seated row, dumbbell squats, dumbbell shoulder press, step ups and lat pull downs.  With the short rest (30 seconds) and four sets of each, these workouts really get my heart rate up.  I like it, but it hurts!


Rest day!  I was supposed to do a run, but decided I could do a double session on Saturday instead.


NROLFW Stage 7 Workout 3, and 9km treadmill run with pyramid speed sets in 52 min.  This workout included deadlifts, static lunges, push ups, romanian deadlifts, and bent over rows.  SO MANY deadlifts.  I actually twinged my back a little, because I haven't done this much deadlift work in awhile.  I followed up my NROLFW workout with some speed sets - each kilometre I increased the speed by 0.5kph, for three kms, then I dropped it back down, etc, for 9km in total.  It made me hold my pace for longer, and after a strength workout, I was pleasantly wrecked.


13.1km treadmill run in 75 minutes.  I really just wanted to focus on picking up the pace in this run, but I was a little fatigued from my workout the day before.  My goal was time, so I just tried to do as much as I can in the 75 minutes.  It was an ok workout, just nothing amazing.


Rest day!  I'm still struggling with getting up in the morning, but I've decided to not do my strength training this week, to get a little extra rest for my race.


6.5km treadmill run in 36 minutes interval program.  I did a quick and fast (for me) set of intervals, in 5 minute cycles.  I started at 10kph (which was my recovery speed), and finished at 12.5kph, I was definitely working up a sweat by the end!  But it felt good to have my legs moving quicker.

Favourite Workout?

I most enjoyed my pyramid interval set on Saturday.  I like the feeling of pushing myself to run faster, but I prefer holding pace for a longer duration, rather than shorter, faster intervals.  It makes me feel more confident about running at the pace in races, and at the moment, with my race in a few days, that is what I needed!

Next Week

I have my Run for the Kids race on Sunday, so the rest of this week will be taking it easy, with another couple of short, sharp run sessions.  I'm actually considering taking next week off running, because I'm feeling a bit burnt out, and I think the rest will do me good before I launch into a half marathon training program.  Either way, I'll get back into weights next week.

Part of me is trying to figure out the reason for me being a bit unmotivated at the moment, and then trying to find a solution.  It could literally be day light saving ending, which means it's really dark in the mornings, and that makes it hard to get out of bed for early sessions.  I still want to exercise - I just don't want to get up early to do it.  I could just be looking for a new challenge, so I'm thinking about what that might be too.  I'll keep you posted!!

Are you feeling motivated at the moment?  What gets you going again when you don't?


  1. Ahhhhh! Happy Birthday!!! It was my birthday too and I had a crazy great day! My family spoiled me and it was so much fun! I've been feeling pretty motivated lately because I look forward to my workouts but I do hate when you are going through a point when you are just struggling to get motivated. It can be a bit depressing. I hope your birthday was fantastic!

    1. Oh wow - a birthday buddy! Happy birthday to you too! Sounds like you had an amazing day :) I did too, and I was thoroughly spoilt by my husband. Hearing from motivated people always helps - motivation is infectious, don't you think??