Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Weekly Workouts Recap: Being Sick

Last week I was sick for a day, and took it easy for a few more, so my workouts were actually minimal.  In the spirit of intuitive exercising, I'm kind of ok with that.  At least, the part of me that knows it was for the best does - the part of me that likes to stick to a routine is shaking her head.

Last Week (4 March to 10 March)


 Rest day!  I was sick, and exercising was the last thing I felt like doing.


Rest day!  After my sick day, there was no way I was up for exercising the day after.  How can lying in bed for 24 hours be so tiring?


Rest day!  Although I could maybe have ventured to the gym, I also felt like I needed more sleep, so I took one more day of rest.  This was the borderline day (ie. I could have gone either way with working out), but I don't regret it.


10km treadmill run with random hills program, in 60 min.  I was really trying to focus on the hills, rather than speed, so I cranked this up to a level 5 program, with incline of up to 3%.  These hills were longer than I've been doing, and I really had to push through to the end. I was pretty happy, especially after being sick for a few days.


Rest day!  Although this could have been a workout day, I actually just didn't find the time.


Long run - 18km treadmill run in 101 minutes.  I alternated between 10.5 and 11kph for most of the run, and I was happy to keep up that pace the whole time.  I almost bailed at 16km, and the only reason I kept going to the end was because I had put it out there on the blog!  So thanks guys!!


NROLFW Stage 7 Workout A.  This workout was the first one I've done in Stage 7, and included squats, lunges with rear foot elevated, push ups, Romanian deadlifts and dumbbell rows.  This workout called for high reps at low weight, and was very different to what I've been used to lately!  It got my heart rate up, especially because I added in some skipping between each set.  Fun!

Favourite Workout?

My long run was my favourite of the week - not that I had many to choose from!  It made me feel pretty good about my race coming up in a couple of weeks.  I'm not going to break any records, but I'm feeling confident that I can do a good (for me) run.  Actually doing what I set out to do is always a win in my book!

Next Week

My goal next week is just to have a solid week of runs, leading up to my race on 22 March.  If I stick with the plan, I know I'll be putting myself in a good position to have a good race!  I'm also looking forward to getting into Stage 7 of NROLFW a bit more - so far, I'm enjoying that it is a change up from recent stages.

Do you work out at the same time each day, or do you mix it up?  What is the best time of day for you to train?

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